Daughter loses 55 pounds to donate kidney to 'superhero' dad

After finding out her BMI was too high to donate a life-saving kidney to her dad, Dawn Muhammad lost 55 pounds in order to save her father's life.
7:45 | 08/30/18

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Transcript for Daughter loses 55 pounds to donate kidney to 'superhero' dad
morning. We have two incredible when dawnuhammad F O her dad needed Aney she knew she wanted T be one to give it to R. Doctors said she couldn'til E plead AIG change in life. At's whathe did. Changed her lif T his and in a mom but first here's their STO He's my ero.he's then I've always grown up -- the manooked up to all my life. Dawn muhmaould do anything for her father. R model since before she ca My dad is a wonderful man. He sacrificed aot for O family. A Repte 2006 her father Lucious Daniels was diagnosed with STA four kidney failure and ING told without transplant head little chance survival The basic told M that I would be on a wait list waiting for kidney to become available. And at my age I would being out of L. Reporter: Right awayn knew she had to gave her life heading straight to hospitaler she was too heavy to be a donor. Iried. I cried and weol my er, this is not the end. Can't be the end.ot toind a solution. , Weot tod out howep. Reporter: Darking a person 55 pounds in order to give H without telling them the an. I sa, can I tou a secret? I've been losing Wei juste but for you ande said, what? And I said, los hasbe for you. I nee to be that donor you. Reporter: She was now a perfect M to save her 'S life shin excitement with her dad I beautiful pohe wrote. Always for. That's how longlove to my ddy, my first superhero, first love. Now it's time fore T makultimate srifice for you. How could I work hardo losmy Weig my heath and come through. From my kidne Toours ie Yo love, dawn. Please welcome dawn Muhammad to the show. [ Applause U ok around the audience as th piece is playing and everyone is sitting wit tears in their eyes. Thiss some ultimate love as you said, theirst LE of your LI you had -- Lucious had no idea your father had no idea youere doing this for him but this cam a point you needed T tell him. Why? We wereaving conversation in the car and during the father , you know, dawn, I've lived a good life. And I , yeah, Y, you have. He said, no, I really lived ood life. I feel different, thealt is hard. It traches a lot out of me, I'm tired. I feel like I'ming a heart attack, aok every. I'm used to seeing my dad U and gog and playing golf and it and iid, it's time said daddy, I've been losing this weight fore but I've really been los this weight foryou. I need to see if can qfy to become a donor foryou, a LI donor for you. And -- Lucious, was it for hear those words from dawn T wasery encouraging to me. I was very, very proud of what she was about to.I knew that because of my trust god at someould get for a long periodme was not going to make it happen so very, ry hpy that she C along and decided to do itor me, for her dad. For her father. , This is a big lifestyleo lose T weight. First thing I did give up sur. Sur is the devil.I G upr. I started down carbs and I startedorking out really ha I'ried to lose weightbefore. And I haven't stuck with it this goal, this goal, I had to do it Thi? Real serious meaning behind it for U. And, ous, howroud are you of yourdaughter. I am very, very proud of her, very proud. I love her. I to tell a sry about when sheas born, her mom weeks and I decided trach her home and take care mf and we establishea bond then that's last a lifetime. Absolutely.au ] And, dawn have a message for ors out there, people potentially want todonors. What is that me Doit. Do the research. Change your liyle. Change your eating habits that donor list is long. In Georgia it's five years and it'sing donors' kidneys last a lot longer T deceased nos a selfless act, an act of love,ot sacrifice. Whatever it take, intermittent working ou whatever it may be, start aourney to living the lifestyle that will help someone . I was blessed enough to help my father and I'm pray flag someone else co the same for their done,heir neighbor, their friend. Great message and we heard in pi thereas a poem. How was it for Y write the poem. He t-shirts arectly right. My father is superhero so writ-- wing that Poe was not Hait came from the heart, I'm a poem was writing so fas and kn that moment had to be perfect to tell him exactly dng and it was very excing for and I knew he would fet Renn bass just this W to work. WHE things from the he there always the best worths. We know yours nex fridaynticipate have a special surprise for you. And slippers so you be comfortable in the hospital. Keephat close and we'raying for Y and, Lucious, when you'rback, you and I are going to get O on that golf how about that, my friend? Let's do.

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{"duration":"7:45","description":"After finding out her BMI was too high to donate a life-saving kidney to her dad, Dawn Muhammad lost 55 pounds in order to save her father's life. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57496526","title":"Daughter loses 55 pounds to donate kidney to 'superhero' dad","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/daughter-loses-55-pounds-donate-kidney-superhero-dad-57496526"}