Deborah Norville of 'Inside Edition' shares how she dropped 30 pounds

The news personality tells "GMA" about the incredible weight loss journey that she undertook after a decade of feeling bad about her body.
5:24 | 11/29/18

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Transcript for Deborah Norville of 'Inside Edition' shares how she dropped 30 pounds
That's anyone's guess. To a dramatic transformation for "Inside edition" host Deborah Norville. One of the longest and beloved running anchors on TV shedding 30 pounds after a doctor told her she needed to make a change. She will join us live in just a moment but first ABC's janai Norman has a look at Deborah's journey. Reporter: For over 30 years Deborah Norville has been front and center on our TV screens. Hello, everybody, thank you for joining us. Reporter: And best-selling author and business woman at the top of her game professionally but for the past ten years she's been dealing privately with a personal struggle behind the scenes. Feeling deeply self-conscious and unhappy with her body, a simple doctor's visit became the wake-up call she needed. Now she hopes her story inspires others to make the change they need. For "Good morning America," janai Norman, ABC news, new York. Please welcome Deborah Norville. Thank you. Who knew. Who knew. But you said, it wasn't about losing weight. No. It was about getting healthy and a wake-up call from your doctor. I didn't like the number on the scale but what the doctor didn't like was the number when he took my blood pressure and on my dad's side I have a very strong family history of cardiology problems and he said, you got to do something so they put me on medication for that but we all know you need to lose the weight too if you're going to really feel good and be healthy and I said, so what do I do? He said, cut out sugar. That simple. Sugar. Yep, you've seen me on the machines. Once a year we're both at the Oscar, same gym. That's the only time I exercise. I've done this without exercise and done it by changing the way I eat. Something as simple as changing your diet as done something like that for you. Another thing that when reading the article, "People" magazine article. Like a lot of women, you didn't feel good about yourself. And people from the outside looking go, you're beautiful. Why did you feel that way. Thank you. You know, people -- we see ourselves differently than the rest of the world does, and I didn't like the way I looked going into a room. I didn't like the view people were getting when I walked out of a room and when you don't feel good about yourself it colors everything about your life. It affects your relationships. It affects your zest and your ability to jump out of bed as opposed to roll out and it's funny, since I've lost all this weight I got a note from one of my colleagues at work that said, I have noticed something different. I have noticed a joy on the air. I do sense something different about you and it's simply, I like me better. I like me better because I feel healthy. Oh. That's beautiful. So you lost 30 pounds in four months simply cutting out sugar. That's not easy to do. Oh, my gosh. You have no idea. Sugar in all forms. I speak in bumper stickers for my family. I lose their attention after five words. My new thing is if it ends in ose, it's gross. Y'all can remember that, right? Because if you look at the labels which is the first thing you do if it ends in s-s-e, fructose, glucose, they are sugar based so no booze, so wine and your favorite libation has sugar in it, most breads because hug is a part of the bread baking process. I'm glad you talk about it. It means don't put extra sugar on what you're eating but it's in what we're eating. It's in what you're eating and also means no added sweetener so you may think I'm using the little packets or agave, you can't do that either. You'll find sugar in places you didn't expect it. The second thing when I looked at the label on my half and half for my coffee was corn syrup, I'm like, huh-uh. So find one that doesn't have it. Find the mustard that doesn't have sugar in it but the biggest thing I've done is changed the way I eat in terms of it's a lot of fresh roasted vegetables. It's super easy. I come home at night and turn on the oven, 425 degree, cut up the vegetable, put a little olive oil on it and bake it, turmeric, curry powder. My hair usually smells but that's okay. What is the doctor saying now? I went to the doctor and wanted to see if my numbers are better. Blood pressure is under control. I said I don't want her to touch me. I don't want her to talk to me just look at me and she looked at me and said, don't lose any more weight. No one has ever said that to me, robin. Oh, my goodness and hearing something like that but glad the numbers are great. Now it's a holiday season so you have any tips for people because after Thanksgiving and the holidays. You know, I have fun at Thanksgiving. We did the Turkey and sides and it was great and I ate my pecan pies but don't have a holiday every day. When you go to the parties have a glass of sparkling water and put limes in it. It will look like you have a cocktail. They don't know that you don't and you can feel really good about yourself and when you go to the spread, someone will always have carrot sticks. Go for the carrot sticks. Deborah, thank you.

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{"duration":"5:24","description":"The news personality tells \"GMA\" about the incredible weight loss journey that she undertook after a decade of feeling bad about her body.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59491801","title":"Deborah Norville of 'Inside Edition' shares how she dropped 30 pounds ","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/deborah-norville-inside-edition-shares-dropped-30-pounds-59491801"}