New to the gym? Here's your at-home workout

Learn moves you can take to the gym with a full-body workout from Crunch Fitness trainer Lee Lawrence.
3:27 | 01/14/19

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Transcript for New to the gym? Here's your at-home workout
A lot of times we don't have we are proud to be able to work out Jim. Well let me give you go work out that think about it fifteen minutes to get some of the debate with the club for what we're trying to do so major we get a great workout if you didn't. Art for the first move that we're gonna do it reversed once before blind that they thought they get the heart rate up pretty bad legs of large muscle in the body that was the start there. Art throughout but it had to do it just stepping back or reverse line. And we're gonna step right into the four lives there. And stop in the middle stern again stepping back for first line because of that fight them for. And look it was shoulder breath it was sold palm picking up ring get out bold font face in the wall. They'd still present radar and then bring it back. Make sure that you're in the rib cage pulled down and handed me pressed up to begin this threat all through life. In palm think you re no doubt make good on throughout repeat pull down big bill and for. Our residents would vote or will be a swat to look at the start up we have to wait to appear shoulders back and in health is known to have tight. Sitting down route squat coming up we've been hit ward moved we OK again and they'll do know that site. Which combat. Coming up which go to war we lose we wouldn't that be ended that finisher right there will be more in you know sitting down. I'm for. Me those who. Our equipment that we you're going to be of renegades Rollins would challenge today to cut the deficit plan that you great benefit later. Our rights to a wouldn't be here both hands right shoulder what apartment below the widening hit with a fork. Pulling straight up here making sure that we don't change. Our hip you don't parallel to the floor the whole time. Okay the next thing we're going through field we've worked backed away before replying to a push up position. This will be good for anyone that that can't really do a push what and of the mouth getting ready for put. Go over a good start with a plan for now both Wear right elbow as a group and placed her hand. Here in their same thing on the renegade road for trying to shift the weight. Altering the hand coming up. To finish up the work out for active red I would like to do it all the windshield wipers a great record in the lower back and it's also great quarry. Aren't the lament do. Laid down honored that Hong down. If you want to add to begin this isn't the start of knees bent all we ought to do in helping the nose exhale. Coming all the way over keeping those needs and be together. You know. Itself. It's. Aren't that great for those of the move that make that I do every time and again to make job in all the big there. I would say in the gym that everyone that new information that you're running go great don't look outside and look at it everyone had to hold individual goal. Though would that be instead of me didn't finish line.

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{"duration":"3:27","description":"Learn moves you can take to the gym with a full-body workout from Crunch Fitness trainer Lee Lawrence.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60320564","title":"New to the gym? Here's your at-home workout","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/gym-home-workout-60320564"}