Here’s how to reset your diet between Thanksgiving and Christmas

Kellyann Petrucci’s new book, “Cleanse and Reset,” shows readers how to “detoxify, nourish and restore” your body for sustained weight loss in just five days.
4:05 | 12/03/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Here’s how to reset your diet between Thanksgiving and Christmas
So as the holidays ramp up the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas not a lot of them but they could be the perfect time for a diet reset. Weight loss and nutrition expert kellyann Petrucci's new book, "Cleanse and reset" has a plan that she says will nourish and restore your body. All sounds so good and get this, for sustained weight loss in just five days. It sounds really good to me. Before we begin I want to say that you should consult a licensed nutritionist or your doctor before starting any weight loss plan. But this one in particular is all about being healthy. You say you got to know when it's time to step back. To push back from the training table as my dad used to say. You know, your body tells you this. Tired all the time even after resting you're dragging yourself around, you have what I call cravings and crashes. This is when you're always hungry, always tired. You go through this cycle. Always bloated. That's a big one. Brain fog. These are all signs, even achy joints. Tuck in. Check, check, check. Belly over belt. A B.O.B. I have B.O.B. Hello, B.O.B. We have more holidays ahead of us. This is time -- Time to say bye to B.O.B. Bye, B.O.B. You talk about a typical day on your cleanse starting with water hydration. Moving on to a combination of shakes, smoothies and bone broths. Talking about liquids. Liquids for a little while to give your body time to snap back Five days. Five days will do it. Even if you didn't do the whole five days took time before we enter into more holidays to just take that time and reset and energize. Maybe one day at a time. You don't have to stick to the whole protocol. One day, two days. Talk to me about this. This looks delicious. This is strawberry lemon basil detox water. It's delicious. Why I like this, it prehydrates your body, so many of the signs that we feel that we're not feeling well is because we're dehydrated. Snap yourselves. That's easy enough. Easy enough. It's delicious. Love that. Green drinks are really important. So this is a pineapple Mintz. Tastes delicious, why? Because it pushes nutrition into the cells. That's really important. It is good. Has fiber. What happens when you have nutrition and fibers, cravings and crashes go away with B.O.B., they're gone so it's very important, very helpful. When drinking the water or the green juice, you're not going to be -- sometimes it's habit. You want to feel -- you want to chew something. How do you trick your brain? What happens is when you get the nutrition that you need your body doesn't start scanning for more, for food, for sweets. The whole key is we're eating but we're not getting the nutrition. So when your body scans and says, you know what, I'm getting what I need, you don't have that those feelings. Okay, all right, so it gets what it needs and you succeed. I saw the word in my notes chocolate and I'm in. Chocolate, we're all about chocolate here. This is delicious. This is a banana walnut smoothie. It's chocolate. Part of your plan. Part of the plan and here's why I like this. We use collagen protein. Why I like this because it's dairy-free. Nonallergic, a lot can have this. Here's what's interesting at 20 we start losing this precious collagen that we have. This holds us up, guys. This is the glue that keeps us together. We want this in our body. Early studies are showing us that supplementation with collagen shakes can start raising those numbers back up. All of the details in the book. We have very little time. I do want to touch on. You really have been a proponent and don't have time but when you read the book, if you go to our website, read about bone broth and -- All about restoration. Gelatin. Key component to end the day. Such great information. I want to hear more. We'll meet after and get rid of that B.O.B. Guys, kellyann's book is out today. Everyone in the audience is going home with a copy.

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{"duration":"4:05","description":"Kellyann Petrucci’s new book, “Cleanse and Reset,” shows readers how to “detoxify, nourish and restore” your body for sustained weight loss in just five days. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67457025","title":"Here’s how to reset your diet between Thanksgiving and Christmas","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/heres-reset-diet-thanksgiving-christmas-67457025"}