Mother-daughter duo inspires others to reach their health goals this year

Lexlee Hudson and her mother, Heather, were motivated to lose weight after seeing Heather’s then-59-year-old mother lose 70 pounds.
4:41 | 01/08/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mother-daughter duo inspires others to reach their health goals this year
And it is time now for motivation nation with some really amazing people who rose to the and now they're inspiring others. This morning we're shining a light on lexlee Hudson's story and how her mom Heather helped motivate her to achieve these weight loss goals. I was super insecure, I was really hard on myself. Reporter: For lexlee Hudson her weight has always been an issue stopping and starting diets with little success. I dieted. They're not sustainable because you live in a restrictive reality and when it's done you're done. Reporter: Lexlee's mother struggling with her weight as well. She turned to the on that via program, a diet plan that claims to help change unhealthy habit. My why is the legacy I wanted to leave for my children. Heather losing 80 pounds and her grandmother Tish losing 79 on the same diet plan. Lexlee inspired decided to try it too. I was giving up on myself. And I knew it was time for me to take my power back. By changing her eating habits and exercising more she lost nearly 200 pounds and her grandmother is so proud of her. She doesn't stop. She keeps taking one more step because that's what life is all about and I'm forever grateful. All right. Well, we've got a reveal, guys. Ready to see lexlee an Heather. Ladies, come on out, let's see. Wow! Hi, good morning, you look fabulous, both of you. Good morning. Congratulations, lexlee, first of all, hey, girl, happy birthday, it's your birthday. Happy birthday. Thank you so much. You lost 187 pounds at your heaviest you were telling us you were 376 pounds. There was a time where you say that you didn't even think you could lose this weight. You didn't even feel it was possible. Yeah, you know, I felt completely hopeless. It was such a large goal in front of me and, you know, my family, they saw me feeling that's when they stepped in and were like, lexlee, we're overcomers and not quitting and you're quitting on yourself. I knew it was so important I had the love and support of my coaches and community behind me in order to make this lifestyle change. I think that's what I love so much about your story, you did this as a family and as a community and, Heather, you said that you needed to retrain yourself on how you think about food. That's so much easier said than done. How did you do it? I wake up every day with a positive attitude. I want to, I get to. I choose to. I choose to make healthy choices, I get to walk around the block, you know, I set small goes for myself that are achievable but they're challenging and when I reach those goals I say, okay, girlfriend, what's next? This is a lifelong transformation and create one healthy habit at a time. There's always room for a better version of ourselves and a next level. You choose to. So great. Lexlee, you were saying your mom and your grandmother, you saw them lose this weight first and you guys ended up doing this together to help you reach your how did you do it as a family? Yeah, you know, we really just rallied behind each other and empowered each other. It is so fun to do this together. We're breaking generational curses and changing the trajectory of our future. In March my Nana, 66 years old as wabl to run her half marathon. Who in the world gets to do that? My mom and I opened our own hip-hop fitness studio and 1e7b tering around our life around things that matter the most and ultimately it allowed us to create better bonds within our family. We can all learn so much from you guys and your beautiful family. We want everyone to join this motivation nation. We're going to do it together and you've got a challenge for our audience. Tell us out it. We do. We do. We would like today for you to drink more water than you did yesterday and -- And tomorrow drink more water than you did today and. Take the selfie and -- Make sure that you tag, #gmamotivationnation. Go get them. Go get 'em. Thank you so much. You are on something here. You heard it, guys, take Heather and lexlee's challenge, tell us how you're doing with the #gmamotivationnation. We'll have a few challenge, every motivation nation segment coming from real people who have lost the weight and you can read lexlee's story in "People's" half their size issue on newsstands.

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{"duration":"4:41","description":"Lexlee Hudson and her mother, Heather, were motivated to lose weight after seeing Heather’s then-59-year-old mother lose 70 pounds.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"75128855","title":"Mother-daughter duo inspires others to reach their health goals this year","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/mother-daughter-duo-inspires-reach-health-goals-year-75128855"}