Refocus on health after the indulgent Thanksgiving meal

Tips to get back on the "healthy eating" track after a holiday meal overload.
2:27 | 11/25/18

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Transcript for Refocus on health after the indulgent Thanksgiving meal
Let's be honest many of us over even -- indulged this Thanksgiving. Many of us partook in what Dan calls a shame spiral. Dr. Jen Ashton joins us with advice on how to regroup. I like that term the shame spiral. We steal everything from Dan. There's so much stress. We talk about gaining weight over the holidays. You're also a nutritionalist. What do you recommend? It's pretty simple. What I recommend is you focus on the other 364 days of the year and don't put all your pressure on anything that happens for one day. If you've been paying attention to how you're eating, how you've living, how you're moving, how you're resting for the rest of the year it's not metabolically possible to do anything to yourself in one day. Ease up. Drop the pressure and the stress. There's enough of that during the holiday season. What about the practice of doing something extreme after Thanksgiving like a crash diet or a cleanse? Don't do it. Here's why I'm against anything extreme like that, the key is incorporating good mental, good physical behaviors. When you do anything extreme, it violates what I call the three Ss for any good living plan. It needs to be safe, simple and sustainable. Most of these extreme things are not sustainable. They can be unsafe. Just go for the moderation. This one is definitely my problem and for many others. Not just Thanksgiving, but that it launches a six-week season of feasting, snacking, drinking you name it. How do we manage the temptation? Over that time. That's appropriate. It is a long period of time. Some basics, watch the consumption of sweets. You want to watch the alcohol consumption. Those are empty calories. When you're eating more, you've want to be more active. Keep those things in mind. Drop the guilt. Drop the pressure and remember what the holidays are about. You'll be fine. That's my medical nutritional advice. Fantastic. Dr. Ashton, don't know what we would do without you. We appreciate it as always. We'll be right back with "Pop

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{"duration":"2:27","description":"Tips to get back on the \"healthy eating\" track after a holiday meal overload.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59401607","title":"Refocus on health after the indulgent Thanksgiving meal","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/refocus-health-indulgent-thanksgiving-meal-59401607"}