New ways to eat more and stress less

Jackie London of "Good Housekeeping" discusses how the food you eat can affect your stress levels on "GMA."
4:14 | 07/22/19

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Transcript for New ways to eat more and stress less
sounds too good to be true. A science-based way to stress less by eating more. You heard me. Jackie London, "Good housekeeping" registered dietitian and the author of "Dressing on the side and other diet myths debunked." So we shouldn't have dressing on the side? Is that what you're saying. Why have it on the side when you could have so many tasty veggies that make the dressing this is so hard to wrap your mind around. You're saying the study is saying what we eat and how we eat can actually lead to stress and you have some ways to get arou that. Yes, and so often we use so much stressful language when it comes to what to eat and when to eat. Restrict, cut back, eliminate. This only sets us up for long-term chronic disease risk and tends to put us on a cycle of binge and restrict that messes with our metabolism and messes with our psychologically. It does mess with our mind like that. Yeah. So you have suggestions for us. We have Ashley. Yes. Who is a viewer from north Carolina and she has a question for you. Here it is. Hey, Jackie. I'm going to be graduating from college next year and I'm stressed out. Somemes I find myself stress eating and not making the healthiest decisions. I was wondering if you had any suggestions of ways I could be eating to help me stress less. Thanks. And as you saw Ashley is here with us here in the studio. Is that your mom next to you? It is stressful. Yes. You're about to leave college and everything and so we're going to have some suggestions. You're going to take us through each meal and you're going to have a swop for it starting with breakfast. Breakfast, first things first with this breakfast so this is -- we're on the right track. Kind of like what you would eat in the morning? Typical day so there's two things that kind of set you up for an energy crash here so one is the refined carbs from both of the doughnut holes as well as the English muffening. This is -- I thought those were tater tots. They have a little tater tot feel. Okay. So and plus the processed meat. This is just a high sodium and really a small meal and I think we could do a lot better. The other thing is that sometimes you'll just wait in line for a veritable milk shake when you wanted coffee. You can tell I want to make the turn. Good deal, right? This is -- we've got an egg omelet. Tons of veggies, feta will add that extra boost then you have avocado slices here, berry, toast. This is tons of food, right? But it is all nutrient didn't filling and tons of produce in there. Wonderful. That's breakfast. Let's move. This is lunch. Yes, so this is a breaded chicken cutlet, breaded, deep fried, processed. This will zap you. Okay, what should we do? Loads of veggies like a grain bowl, hybrid. You can get there anywhere and the great thing about this you'll get leg groups which are so nutrient dense with prebuy ottic fiber and keeping energy stable throughout the afternoon. Lots of water. Lots of water. Hydration is key for energy. So sometimes you know when you get cranky a little bit in the afternoon, sometimes -- Why you looking at me like that? You know how you get cranky in the afternoon. For dinner, this looks like a good dinner. This is fantastic. Ashley is on the right track with this dinner. I would say that the only change I want to encourage here -- A lot of food. That's a lot of food but the thing is we really need to eat more seafood. 8 to 12 ounces a week, about three times a week. I think that's manageable. The whole grains and the more you can add them into your day, the better off you are. Eat more, stress less. Jackie, thank you. So, Ashley, are these suggestions you think you can incorporate? Yes, I think I can, thank you. All the best to you in leaving college and bless you and your thank you. Thank you.

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{"duration":"4:14","description":"Jackie London of \"Good Housekeeping\" discusses how the food you eat can affect your stress levels on \"GMA.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64481707","title":"New ways to eat more and stress less","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/ways-eat-stress-64481707"}