Wife of Detroit Lions quarterback on the road to recovery

Kelly Stafford shares her emotional story after surviving a brain tumor and has a message for mothers.
3:30 | 10/16/19

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Transcript for Wife of Detroit Lions quarterback on the road to recovery
Using her platform as usual. We turn to a remarkable medical journey. This mother's battle with a brain tumor at just 29 years old. Her husband, Detroit lions quarterback Matthew Stafford urging her to get checked out and now had surgery and is on the road to recovery. Paula is back with her story. Good morning. It all started last January when Kelly Stafford felt lightheaded and dizzy. Her vertigo so bad she couldn't hold her infant daughter. Then when she had surgery just six months ago she was told she could lose her hearing and facial function. Her message this morning, it's okay to be scared. This morning, Kelly and Matthew Stafford are opening up about the moment in January when Kelly realized something was wrong. I just never felt the room spinning feeling I was having and then the vertigo hit and that's when it really kind of -- I'm not okay. Reporter: At her husband's urging, Kelly went to get her symptoms checked. Eventually getting an mri. One of those where you're going into an mri and expecting it to come back completely clear. Weren't expecting to get the results that we got. Reporter: The 29-year-old was diagnosed with Ang acoustic neuroma, a benign tumor in her brain. Kelly's doctors scheduled surgery to remove it. I was terrified. I was terrified to not be here. I had all the confidence in the world in our surgeon but it's brain surgery. I wrote everyone who is there letters in that waiting room. Reporter: Faced with the possibility of losing both her hearing and facial function. But the 12-hour operation was a success. Kelly sharing this video of her up and walking with Matthew and her family. If anyone tried to like slide tackle you, you're protected. Reporter: Her recovery not easy. The normally active mother who prior to surgery posts video of her working out had to relearn to walk and suffered crippling pain and exhaustion but through it all her husband Matthew kept her going. In a first person essay for ESPN, Kelly pays tribute to the Detroit lions star quarterback writing, Matthew was incredible during the whole process. He was literally by my side at every step. This is Kelly five months after brain surgery. She's been documenting her progress on social media showing both the ups and the downs. I learned not that I didn't know already how tough she is. Going through this we really learned how strong we are. Nothing else matters. Just family. They really are a strong it's brought them together and she says that Matthew told her post surgery if it was good news he said he'll be standing on your right side. Bad news on my left side. She doesn't remember a lot post surgery but does remember him standing on the right side. With her story, Michael, she just really wants to encourage women and mothers out there if you feel the slightest bit off, get checked out. Don't put yourself on the back burner any longer. That's what she did. She advocated for herself. When she went to the doctor they said it was vertigo and gave her medicine. It didn't help the symptoms and so then they -- she kept advocating and that's when she had the mri. As you said in your tease it's okay to be scared. It is. And she's obviously a big fighter. Clearly. We saw -- No more ways than one. In more ways than one. Amazing story. Strong couple. Paula, thanks. Now over to Ging

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{"duration":"3:30","description":"Kelly Stafford shares her emotional story after surviving a brain tumor and has a message for mothers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66312438","title":"Wife of Detroit Lions quarterback on the road to recovery","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/wife-detroit-lions-quarterback-road-recovery-66312438"}