Acadia National Park Crowned 'America's Favorite Place'

The Maine Park, nominated by "GMA" viewers, earned the top spot for its natural wonders and majestic mountains.
3:17 | 07/24/14

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Transcript for Acadia National Park Crowned 'America's Favorite Place'
as you know, the competition was fierce, each of "Gma's" favorite places finalists received tons, tons of votes but in the end one stood out from the rest. Arcadia national park. The crown jewel of Maine and ginger, oh, it just looks spectacular. I know you're having a great morning, ginger. Oh, such a great morning. Aren't we, here? Acade that national park where it's breezy and cool. We spent the entire day, a beautiful one, in the state of Maine. All you need is one look at acadia national park to see why so many viewers named it as their favorite place. Simply put it's a knockout situated on Maine's central coast, acadia spans nearly 50,000 acres of jaw-dropping beauty. Just ask this couple. A couple who singled out acadia as their favorite place after visiting all 48 lower states. We were blown away, cadillac mountain, the beaches. And the views are just amazing. Reporter: We're here at the top of cadillac mountain where the sun comes up where the first place in the U.S. To see the sun rise and we're only two miles from a sandy beach. You can hike. You can bike. You can watch wildlife. You can sit on the beach. Reporter: While on top of the mountain we came across a native American drum circle playing an honor song. ? they even let me try it out. Oh, yeah, sounds good. Nature, up close and personal. Endless water to kayak on. More than 120 miles of hikable trails and along these trails what seems like infinite fields of blueberries. Next, Jordan pond where we got to sample the restaurant's specialty, popovers. I wish you could smell that. You can see how majestic acadia is on the land but it's even more stunning when you're on the water. We were not going to do Maine without doing lobster. They're in there. Hello. Thank you for inviting us to Maine. I have yet to do a taste taste difference, you know. Are you looking for a dinner invitation? Is that what you're telling me. Maybe. With that, time to cook some lobster. Those are big guys. Mm- mm-mm. Dinner is served. So whether you're enjoying sitting along the beach or seeking adventure, acadia has it all. Oh, that is so beautiful and I don't know about you. Are you hungry? Are you hungry after seeing that? That deserves a big shining star, favorite place in America voted by you, so you have some treats there for us, ginger. Oh, we do. We didn't do lobster for breakfast. We thought it might be a little early but instead the popovers from the bar harbor inn, the chef waking up super early to help us out. Everybody want a popover take one and blueberries, you can't do Maine, I've learned without blueberries, take one here, I know you're hungry. Absolutely. All right. So this is how we started the morning and we've got a whole day ahead. A beautiful one drying out here in Maine.

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{"duration":"3:17","description":"The Maine Park, nominated by \"GMA\" viewers, earned the top spot for its natural wonders and majestic mountains.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24692117","title":"Acadia National Park Crowned 'America's Favorite Place'","url":"/GMA/video/acadia-national-park-crowned-americas-favorite-place-24692117"}