Adam Sandler developed a 'brotherly feeling' working with Ben Stiller and Dustin Hoffman

The actors opened up about their new film, "The Meyerowitz Stories," in an interview with ABC News' Robin Roberts.
4:00 | 10/12/17

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Transcript for Adam Sandler developed a 'brotherly feeling' working with Ben Stiller and Dustin Hoffman
Now we turn to the brightest and most talented stars in the movie business, they're teaming up for a new drama. Adam Sandler, Ben stiller, Dustin Hoffman, I'm dropping names on you starring in the new Netflix movie that I had a chance to talk with them. Here it is finally. . Yes, this is Danny, also Harold Meyerowitz's sons. I didn't realize he had two sons? And a daughter. Reporter: Meet the Meyerowitz family. Plastered. Reporter: Hollywood heavyweights Adam Sandler, Ben stiller and Dustin Hoffman bring a dysfunctional family to life in the Netflix film, "The Meyerowitz stories," new and selected. I have to say when I first saw your names associated with this I thought it's going to be a comedy. Yes, it's humorous, it's witty but it's an emotional family. How would you describe the film. He made it emotional. Hoffman being the way he was. Is that T way you're going to answer the question. I figured I'd say your name and you'd take over. Oh, okay. And action. Well, one hears people say all the time that they come from a dysfunctional family. I've never heard of a functional family. Reporter: Written and directed by Noah Bambach. They try to navigate their painful relationship with their father, Dustin Hoffman's character, Harold Meyerowitz. Hard to have a relationship in a child. I imagine you felt that too. No, not really. I didn't find that difficult. Dad, you've been married four times. Three. The first one was annulled. Reporter: Why do you think it will be relatable. What's going on in the story is a complicated relationship with a father whose creativity is important and relationship with his kids is also important but he's constantly sort of, you know, battling that. This is not the most handsome young man you've ever seen in your life? Call him a young jewish Marlon brando. Not the first time you played his son on screen. What was it hike to be reunited. It was interesting because I felt like Dustin was a totally different dad in this one. In a way it felt like a new thing. What surprised you about working with each other. Besides Dustin all the time is always putting for you as an arc, me and Ben, I just loved him. We loved seeing each other every day. I loved seeing him. An amazing brother-in-law feeling and our scenes together I was so excited to do them. But that fight scene. Yeah, hated ha. Doesn't he play dirty. That's the way it was edited. He was dirtier than me in left me with a big bruise. We did get hurt. There was little safety on set. No precaution. Wasn't any rehearsal. Usually they have opportunity people and we were like, just, we'll be able to check in with each other, but then like the first time he's -- He said -- he said, I started the hard part. I literally -- I was telling Ben there's one spot because we did about 50 takes and one spot that take three started to aggravate me already so I'd say if you could push a little higher on the chest right here starting to hurt. It did. You never did. What do you want people to come away when they watch the film. I hope that they can see some reality there, something that they can connect with that they're moved in some way because they see something of their own lives, of their own families and I think Dustin and Adam are really wonderful. These guys, you know, made a living many types, you know, with comedy and this is absolutely first grade work they're doing as actors. It is first grade work but when I was first approached about doing it, oh, my gosh, this is going to be a comedy. It is humorous but it's a family drama at heart but it's excellent. It looks it. Meyer pyre will be in select theaters and available on Netflix tomorrow.

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{"id":50427736,"title":"Adam Sandler developed a 'brotherly feeling' working with Ben Stiller and Dustin Hoffman","duration":"4:00","description":"The actors opened up about their new film, \"The Meyerowitz Stories,\" in an interview with ABC News' Robin Roberts. ","url":"/GMA/video/adam-sandler-developed-brotherly-feeling-working-ben-stiller-50427736","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}