Alicia Vikander on New Film, Falling for Her Leading Man

Vikander chats with Amy Robach about "The Light Between Oceans" and her romance with Michael Fassbender.
2:40 | 08/29/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Alicia Vikander on New Film, Falling for Her Leading Man
We're back thousand with Hollywood's golden girl, Alicia vikander won an Oscar for her heart rending performance in "The Danish girl" and now all eyes are on her new film, "The light between oceans." I sat down with her to talk about that and acting opposite her boyfriend, Michael fassbender. She's one of Hollywood's hottest actresses taking tinsel town by storm, Alicia vikander's breakout year has included everything from starring in the summer blockbuster. What if it's something else. To winning a best supporting Oscar. Thank you so much. Her latest film, "The light between oceans" based on the best-selling novel is a timeless story about love and loss. It features what could be the 27-year-old's most heart rending performance to date. She she hads us. We're not doing anything wrong "The light between oceans," tell me about this film. How would you describe it. It's a very human story about ordinary people, about good people that maybe sometimes don't make the most, you know, right decision. Reporter: In the film vikander plays Isabelle, a free spirit would falls in love with Tom played by vikander's real-life boyfriend, Michael fassbender. Your character miscarries several types. Actually as an actor I felt that was the most intimidating thing I've ever performed because it's so primal. I had wonderful, you know, people who really helped me to try and make those scenes authentic and real. Reporter: One day the childless couple discover a baby in a rowboat washed up on shore and make a choice that will have serious consequences. What do you think are the driving forces behind your character's decision which we've all admit probably wasn't the right decision at the time. It was interesting to play a character like Isabelle. Not to judge her because everything is initially made from a good place. I'm afraid that would be against commonwealth rules. Then marry me. Reporter: The chemistry between your character and Michael fassbender's character, Tom, spilled off camera, yes?

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{"duration":"2:40","description":"Vikander chats with Amy Robach about \"The Light Between Oceans\" and her romance with Michael Fassbender.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"41709379","title":"Alicia Vikander on New Film, Falling for Her Leading Man","url":"/GMA/video/alicia-vikander-film-falling-leading-man-41709379"}