Mother of Kidnapping Victim Knew Suspect for Years

Nancy Ruiz says Ariel Castro would often ask how she's holding up without her daughter.
5:11 | 05/10/13

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Transcript for Mother of Kidnapping Victim Knew Suspect for Years
that, we begin with new details right now about the terror those three young women in ohio endured. As you know they're free now and it's their alleged tormenter now in prison. Abc anchor david muir in cleveland with the latest. Good morning, david. Reporter: Robin, good morning on a wrote and dreary morning here in cleveland as ariel castro sits right here in this county jail behind me, the prosecutor in the case indicating he is not taking the death penalty off the table. This as we learn more about the HOMECOMING, gina DeJesus telling her parents she did not want to sleep upstairs in her room like she had been forced to for ne nearly a decade. The family all sleeping in the living room on inflatable mattresses to grant her wish. Overnight hundreds of cleveland residents took to the streets celebrating the return of three of their own while ariel castro, the man accused of unspeakable evil, is now the one in captivity. Castro moved to a new cell in the county jail after being charged with the horrors inside that home. As we learn more about what it was like to come home, gina DeJESUS, AND THE MOMENT INSIDE That van overcome with emotion after seeing that crowd and it was her mother who gently judged her in the van to give a thumbs up. She got out and she did that. A mother picking up where she left off. Because she's still that 14-year-old girl. In my eyes and in my heart she is. Reporter: So much lost time. Yes. But it's -- it's awesome, though. No matter how hard it is for me, it's awesome. Reporter: You got her back. Yes, got her back is the most important thing. Reporter: Gina's mother nancy ruiz saying something else, she knew ariel castro and near that decade without her daughter when she would run into him he would ask how she was holding up without her daughter. You would see him and he would say how are you doing? YESth. Reporter: Like nothing was wrong? Yes. Reporter: That's chilling. You don't know how many types I've been through that street, i passed by that street. I was just two blocks and a half away from there. Reporter: Abc news has learned inside that house on seymour avenue the young women were locked up and chained in the basement early on in their captivity and were moved upstairs in later years. Gina and michelle knight often in one bedroom. Amanda berry and her daughter in another. Castro would bring home food and the young women would cook it, sometimes he would bring McDONALD'S AND AMANDA BERRY'S Little girl who was carried into her new home this week, she was the only one ariel castro would take out in public and we're now hearing from a longtime friend of castro who said he just met her last week. As castro sat in court his head buried a community wondering what plays in the mind of a man accused of so much evil. We are also learning this morning wews, the abc station here in cleveland, reporting on a note found in the home. Ariel castro had written this note within the last couple of years expressing remorse and saying that he's a sex addict likely offering little consolation to the families of these victims who are now home and little consolation to the prosecutor who plans to go after him to the full extent of the law, robin. So true, all right, david, thank you very much. We'll have much more with elizabeth vargas on "20/20" tonight and we bring in our legal analyst, dan abrams. You heard david talking about that bizarre note. It might become very important, like an admission, a confession. In the context of this case, it's minor compared to everything else we know in the context of this case. Remember, he's only charged with a handful of counts right now. He's going to end up with being charged with hundreds of counts. Every single illegal action he took, every assault, every sexual assault, et cetera, is going to be charged in connection with the case. You'll be talking about hundreds of charges. Because of the alleged miscarriages that he caused, the prosecutor is saying they may seek the death penalty. Is this a death penalty case? I would absolutely expect the death penalty to be sought in this case. In ohio the law is very clear on aggravated murder. If you premeditate and then commit the termination of someone else's pregnancy unlawfully you are subject to aggravated murder. Aggravated murder is a death penalty eligible crime and honestly I can't think of a case more appropriate for the death penalty than this one. He said be cooperating with police right now. How does that factor in and when you think when david was talking to gina's mother and she said that he would say, hey, how is she doing? It seems like it's such evil. It is and I don't know that his cooperation will help him in the legal sense. I think his only hope at this point is to somehow cut a deal for life in prison without parole. I don't know that he's going to be able to do that in the context of this case. So much more ahead. All right, dan, thanks very

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{"id":19149375,"title":"Mother of Kidnapping Victim Knew Suspect for Years","duration":"5:11","description":"Nancy Ruiz says Ariel Castro would often ask how she's holding up without her daughter.","url":"/GMA/video/amanda-berry-gina-dejesus-found-mother-knew-suspect-19149375","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}