Castro Reportedly Family Friends with Alleged Victim

Girls allegedly held captive for nearly a decade reconnect with family.
2:35 | 05/08/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Castro Reportedly Family Friends with Alleged Victim
what happened we've got breaking new information about those suspects and the strange double life they lived in that neighborhood. And more on the bizarre connection between the home owner ariel castro and one of the families. Abc's alex perez has more on that story. Alex? Reporter: Well, good morning, elizabeth. We're learning this morning ariel castro was not only friends with the family of gina DeJESUS BUT THAT HE HELPED Search for her. Even comforting her mother at a vigil last year. Police are learning more about the life of ariel castro. He was a bastion player in a local salsa band afternoon and played in bands with one of gina DeJESUS' UNCLES. This video obtained overnight shows castro during a 2008 traffic stop. It's the first time we've heard his voice. Fbi and police investigators in hazmat suits returned to castro's house overnight removing more evidence including parts of that door amanda berry was able to escape through. Detectives are towing away these cars and abc news learned the modest home as a 760-foot basement sealed off by a padlocked door. He never had anyone come over. Reporter: Personnel records show the 52-year-old was fired from his job in november after several suspensions over the last decade for allegedly using his bus to go grocery shopping. Police even visiting his home in 2004 after he allegedly left a child on the bus. On his application in 1990,s handwritten comment "i enjoy working with children." Alberto, a former band mate of castro' said I wanted to cry. I couldn't think this was happening. Any questions whether the investigation could have led to castro years ago. This fbi sketch was released in 2004 just a week after gina DeJESUS VANISHED. At the time investigators said they were looking for a hispani man with a goatee. Meantime, police have not said how castro's brothers were involved but one brother, pedro castro suggested to a local reporter last year investigators should not be pursuing a tip, that amanda berry's body had been buried at a nearby vacant lot. That's a waste of money. Reporter: Now, authorities can only hope castro and his two brothers for a certain amount of time without charging them. Investigators have until 11:00 tonight to file those charges.

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{"id":19132075,"title":"Castro Reportedly Family Friends with Alleged Victim","duration":"2:35","description":"Girls allegedly held captive for nearly a decade reconnect with family.","url":"/GMA/video/amanda-berry-gina-dejesus-michele-knight-found-castro-19132075","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}