Amare Stoudemire Helps Struggling Family Have a Good Christmas

John Schriffen reports New York Knicks' star's holiday gift for one family.
3:17 | 12/23/12

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Transcript for Amare Stoudemire Helps Struggling Family Have a Good Christmas
In this era when athletes make negative news, the story of amar'e stoudemire, the star of the new york knicks would went way out of his way to make an amazing holiday for one struggling family and abc's john schriffen was there for the whole thing. Dan, good morning. It was an amazing experience. Instead of just writing a check for a foundation, amar'e stoudemire and knicks provided a once in a lifetime opportunity for families in need. Slam dunk when it comes to the true spirit of the holidays. He's the shotblocking, ball dunking, big man of the new york sti knicks but he's doubling as secret santa. Surprise. And for the crowder family, stoudemire's surprise knock is just what they needed this christmas. When mom sherelle fell ill dad david had to cut back hours as a security guard to be home more with the kids. First time trying to take care of the houst's been a real challenge. He helps out a lot. He's like my superhero. Reporter: Making ends meet is difficult and putting presents under the tree this year for 5-year-old david and 4-year-old tymere was just impossible. Were they prepared to not have a christmas. Not really. We were going to do other things. Reporter: Thas where the garden of dreams foundation comes in. Pairing nine knicks players each with a deserving family to go on an all-expense paid shopping spree at target. Yeah. Reporter: Let's just say stoudemire was in it to win it. First a chauffeur drive in his own luxury truck and together they took on aisle after aisle. Going. Going to get the toys. Reporter: They're off. What's that? Tracker. Something a little more educational. Reporter: It's safe to say both the little kids and the big kids were having a ball. Amar'e came in today. Showed them we do care. Reporter: What does this mean for you. It means I can get started on a new life. Reporter: A new life with happier memories and a few things to cherish them with. In your wildest dreams did you think all of this would happen? No. Reporter: All of these are yours. All of these are yours to give back to other communities that reminds me of my upbringing. It's close to my heart so to be a heart of it -- thank you. You're welcome. How cute are those kids? Well, the total bill close to $5500 paid for by the garden of dreams foundation and out of amar'e stoudemire's own pocket. We're not done with the giving just yet. Robin roberts is such a huge basketball fan robin as you watch the knicks take on the lakers this christmas, the nba wants to make you feel like you're part of the action, custom jersey with your college number and roberts on the back. Like it. Robin, merry christmas. Great doctor. The knicks beyond the dreams foundation. Amar'e looked like he was having fun. On christmas day amar'e's knicks play and that's christmas

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{"id":18049140,"title":"Amare Stoudemire Helps Struggling Family Have a Good Christmas","duration":"3:17","description":"John Schriffen reports New York Knicks' star's holiday gift for one family.","url":"/GMA/video/amare-stoudemire-helps-struggling-family-good-christmas-18049140","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}