First American baby born to a mother who received transplanted uterus

The doctors who performed the transplant and oversaw the birth opened up about the medical milestone.
4:14 | 12/04/17

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Transcript for First American baby born to a mother who received transplanted uterus
We're getting our first look rat a huge medical breakthrough, the first American baby was born from a uterus transplant. Now that successful birth is raising hope for thousands of women. We're going to speak with Dr. Ashton in a moment. First the incredible journey. What you're watching is a medical milestone. For the first time in the united States a woman has given birth thanks to a uterus transplant. All of us had tears in our eyes and little boy will stay with us for our entire lives. Reporter: Born last month he was delivered via c.-section when his mother born without a uterus received a transplant at Baylor last September. The woman is part of their uterus transplant clinical trial. Thee suffered from absolute uterine factorer infertility. A type of infertility affecting 1 in 500 women where the uterus is nonfunctioning or nonexistent. Approximately 1 in 4500 females in the U.S. Are born without a uterus every year. It was very special to look in the eyes of the mother. She was told that when she was a teenager that she would never experience this moment. And then all of a sudden you see this happening and you think everything has a meaning. Reporter: The little boy is now the ninth baby born in the world from a transplanted uterus. Joining the eight other babies successfully born from transplanted uteruses in Sweden as part of its trial, Baylor chas completed a total of eight uterus transplants including the mother who just gave birth. While three have been unsuccessful, one woman is currently pregnant. The remaining four women are in different stages of the process. This birth on this boy is giving hope to all these families out there who have this type of infertility. I think that's a truly amazing thing. Our thanks to Diane Macedo. We're joined by our chief medical correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton. You've been in tears over this. Ob/gyn you are and to have this kind of moment. Aui. Right. Let people know what it is. Basically most women who fall under that category are actually born with something -- other initials mrkh syndrome born without a uterus. They do have ovaries and their eggs can be used but this affects women who lost their uterus surgically due to a hysterectomy and want to carry their own fetus talking about significantly a good number of women. Of course, always with something like this there's some controversy surrounding it. Yeah, really when you talk about uterine transplants it falls under a different category than other organ transplantations because, let's say, heart, kidney, liver, you need those organs to survive, to live. A woman doesn't need her uterus to survive, obviously, but she does need it to give life in this particular way and there are significant medical, surgical, financial costs involved. This is a procedure that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars right now and so there are people who say is it necessary in a country like ours where uterine surrogacy is legal in parts of Europe it's not legal, but I think it speaks to the very powerful compelling drive that some women have to carry their own baby and the technology and the science is there right now that is finally making that possible. Well, what are the medical and surgical risks for both mother and baby. In obstetrics we have two patients. You need to remember that. With these type of women you're talking about rejection, bleeding, damage to the surrounding anatomy for both the donor and resip Jens and need for immune Zhu suppression temporarily because after that delivery that uterus will come out and for the fetus risk of preterm delivery and the baby has to be born by c-section. This is your wheelhouse. You've heard me talking about it since 2014. It's huge for reproductive health and huge for my specialty, ob/gyn and families everywhere that want to become parents in this way and for that very, very special family who delivered in Texas. This is really historic for this country. It is. All right, Jen, thanks so much.

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{"id":51554584,"title":"First American baby born to a mother who received transplanted uterus ","duration":"4:14","description":"The doctors who performed the transplant and oversaw the birth opened up about the medical milestone. ","url":"/GMA/video/american-baby-born-mother-received-transplanted-uterus-51554584","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}