Amy Robach Surprises Breast Cancer Survivors Aboard 'Pink Plane'

Passengers surprised on Delta Airlines' "Pink Plane" transporting 145 breast cancer survivors.
3:08 | 10/01/14

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Transcript for Amy Robach Surprises Breast Cancer Survivors Aboard 'Pink Plane'
And we know for more than a decade delta airlines has been partnering with the cancer research foundation, raising $8 million for research. Delta's pink plane brought 145 survivors to be with us this morning. I was lucky to be on board, but not as a passenger. Fight! Reporter: They are survivors. Thrivers, a sea of pink boarding -- I am so happy to be here. Reporter: Delta's breast cancer one. Like Rachel, a mother of two who was 42 when doctors gave her her diagnose. We found a mass, it's going to be a cancer. Reporter: A double mastectomy, six weeks of radiati radiation. I can't say I'm a survivor yet, but I'm going to be. Reporter: She's one of 145-women strong. I'm joining them on their journey as a survivor myself. I'm ready, at least I look the part. But not as a passenger. Good afternoon and welcome on board. I just realized we're a flight attendant short on today's flight. What's this? "Good morning America" anchor and breast cancer survivor Amy robach is here. Reporter: I'm so excited to be on board the plane with all of you. After takeoff, I'm quickly put to work. Taking drink orders, ice or no ice? And serving lunch. But it's the personal stories that inspire me. I was scared. Diagnosed four and a half weeks ago. Reporter: You were a survivor the moment you found out. A celebration of life, a celebration of beating the odds. Reporter: The way we lean on each other and support each other and the way we let our sisters know that we're not alone. That we're in this together. And we're stronger today. ? I want to see you be brave ? we land in New York City -- ? ain't no mountain high enough ? Reporter: And the women are greeted by hundreds of supporters. Their faces say it all, gratitude, grace and joy. ? Ain't no mountain high enough ? I've never had more fun on a flight in my life. It was so beautiful. Joy and the energy. And just the enthusiasm for life. And it's a gift. It's the one gift you get from this awful disease that you just appreciate. And how about that serenade you guys got? It was awesome. So great. And delta -- so many people lined up with the music. And everyone had signs, their name on it. It was well thought out. Some of these women have been on the plane for ten years. And delta does things throughout the year like this, but to have the sense of community. Ain't no mountain high enough. You make a good flight attendant. If this doesn't work out. Yeah, it's working out. Move on now to the Angelina

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{"duration":"3:08","description":"Passengers surprised on Delta Airlines' \"Pink Plane\" transporting 145 breast cancer survivors. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"25886721","title":"Amy Robach Surprises Breast Cancer Survivors Aboard 'Pink Plane'","url":"/GMA/video/amy-robach-surprises-breast-cancer-survivors-aboard-pink-25886721"}