Analysis: Trump's vacation in New Jersey and Russian investigation

ABC's chief White House correspondent Jon Karl analyzes the trending political stories of the day.
2:44 | 08/07/17

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Transcript for Analysis: Trump's vacation in New Jersey and Russian investigation
Thanks very much. Let's bring in Jon Karl with more on all this and the president doesn't like the article. Mike pence is calling it absurd but he has shown an unusual amount of political activity even setting up a pac and you see a lot of other Republicans out there in the early primary state, as well. We haven't seen this before so early in a term. Reporter: We're only six months in, 200 days in, George, buts awe know presidential wanna-bes begin preparing to run for president sometime after they get their driver's licenses in high school. So it's not all that unusual to see early activity. As for the vice president, the key factor for 2020 is that Donald Trump may be historically unpopular at this point in his presidency. 33% approval rating in that quinnipiac poll last week but he remains incredibly popular among Republicans in that same poll, 76% approval rating. I don't see a clear challenger yet. We are incredibly early and I certainly don't believe that there's any scenario in which that challenger is Mike pence. And kellyanne Conway -- challenging him but putting things in place in case president trump doesn't run even though kellyanne Conway said yesterday he intends to serve two terms. The president also tweeting this morning his base is bigger and stronger than ever taking on overall polls that show a low favorability but as you point out he is doing well with Republicans even though we're now seeing Republican senators start to buck him more. Reporter: We are seeing incredible Independence among congressional Republicans. Particularly in the senate. Look what's happened. You've seen senators go forward to try to lay the groundwork to make it impossible for him to fire Robert Mueller as the special counsel. We also saw the defiance on the Russia sanctions that was passed in the senate, 97-2 passed by an even more overwhelming margin in the house, something the president opposed, passed anyway. No question we are seeing congressional Republicans willing to defy this president and at this point at least not paying a price for it. Jon, we're one week into general Kelly's tenure. The president has been slightly less active on Twitter and are seeing other signs that general Kelly is tightening up the white house operations. Reporter: The biggest thing is the flow of people to meet with the president. It had been almost an open door policy during the first six months where the president would see somebody on Fox News in the morning, like what they said, give a call and they will be in the oval office meeting with him a couple of hours later. Kelly has clamped down on that to get into the oval office, you need to have a reason to be there. He is attending those meetings and controlling who comes in and out and even on the phone when the president makes a phone call with members of his administration. Some changes right there, okay, Jon Karl, thanks very much.

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{"duration":"2:44","description":"ABC's chief White House correspondent Jon Karl analyzes the trending political stories of the day.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"49073586","title":"Analysis: Trump's vacation in New Jersey and Russian investigation ","url":"/GMA/video/analysis-trumps-vacation-jersey-russian-investigation-49073586"}