Ann B. Davis Dead at 88

The "Brady Bunch" actress died after hitting her head in a fall.
2:18 | 06/02/14

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Transcript for Ann B. Davis Dead at 88
And we'll see what happens. Lara, we're celebrating the life of someone that many of us felt like we knew her. Part of our family, robin. Yeah, it's true. We are saying good-bye to a TV icon, Ann B. Davis who played Alice on "The Brady bunch" passed away Sunday at 88 and this morning the tributes are pouring in. ? The Brady bunch ? Reporter: She was's America's housekeefer playing the lovable confidant Alice Nelson for all five seasons on "The Brady bunch." Are you all right? I'm fun. Noisy, but fine. Reporter: And while Ann B. Davis was best known for being the Brady's right hand -- The songs the way they are nowadays you can't hear the words understood something of what you wouldn't have understood anyway. Reporter: And Sam the butcher's prime lady. Davis' first break on "The bob Cummins show." Her role as schulzie for best supporting actress. She left Hollywood off "The Brady bunch" ended in 1974 but returned to are a series of Brady spin-offs including 19995 modern day spoof "The Brady bunch movie." I got a 20 on eye little girl, blue eye, blond hair, answers to the name of Jan. Reporter: In a 2004 interview with the archive of American television she reminisced about her time as Alice. That I cared very much about this family. It was my family. Whoa. Reporter: Davis appreciated her iconic character's earthy wisdom, once saying, all of us wish we had an Alice. I wish I had an Alice. They're nothing but mean, self-centered insects. Reporter: Now over 40 years later, she will be remembered as the glue of the group that somehow formed a family. ? That's the way we became the Brady bunch ? Reporter: Making us all part of "The Brady bump." She be missed and Florence Henderson tweeted she was shocked and saddened to learn my dear friend and colleague Ann B. Davis died today. I spoke with her a few months ago and she was doing great. ." We'll talk to Greg, Barry Williams. He's going -- we'll talk to him in our 8:00 hour.

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{"id":23954304,"title":"Ann B. Davis Dead at 88","duration":"2:18","description":"The \"Brady Bunch\" actress died after hitting her head in a fall.","url":"/GMA/video/ann-davis-dead-88-23954304","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}