Anthony Graves: Innocent Man Released from Jail

Anthony Graves, an innocent man ? stuck in jail for 18 years ? speaks to Katie about the experience.
2:12 | 11/08/13

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Transcript for Anthony Graves: Innocent Man Released from Jail
Emerging here the Anthony story. It was them not fall of 2001. I had started and an assist investigations classes for my journalism students. And a colleague of mine at the University of Houston -- summer had also started an innocence project type class. And I had called him and said you know could we collaborate and -- at -- absolutely. And he had gotten a phone call. That there's a case he ought to have a students look into. Anthony's case and so it was really kind of random enough sons. I -- think that there is college classes look at a number of these cases Barack and then not. The person is in prison term reason right when did you realize that Anthony. Was in fact an innocent man I would say it probably took me a good. Six months amount to really come to the determination that he was honest. So how -- you ultimately able to prove Anthony's innocence first of all the State's case fell apart the quote unquote evidence that the state used to convict him. Didn't hold up. Down the evidence started mounting. That Anthony wasn't there are and that the state had been engaged and hiding evidence and really witness tampering. -- three Q so furious Anthony. Know. Oh come on really it doesn't because. Look cool and I do -- -- In hindsight -- winless. You know why why they thought they -- doing some de -- was doing some -- So angry. So better. And so full of rage Anthony. It -- why didn't happen to you happen to me.

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{"id":20830497,"title":"Anthony Graves: Innocent Man Released from Jail","duration":"2:12","description":"Anthony Graves, an innocent man ? stuck in jail for 18 years ? speaks to Katie about the experience.","url":"/GMA/video/anthony-graves-innocent-man-released-jail-20830497","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}