Apple unveils its store of the future

ABC News' Rebecca Jarvis gives a first look at Apple's new, completely transparent store in Chicago that features automated robots and coding classes.
2:21 | 10/20/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Apple unveils its store of the future
We are back now with an exclusive look inside the brand-new apple store revoluti revolutionizing retail. It's completely transparent and when you walk in, you may have a hard time finding products to buy and that is intentional. Our chief business correspondent Rebecca Jarvis is there this morning with all the details. Good morning, Rebecca. Reporter: Good morning, Michael. Amy, that's right. This is the future of in-store shopping according to apple. 20,000 square feet along the Chicago river. Completely surrounded by glass building with an estimated price tag of 30million. It is apple's most ambitious new store opening in a decade. Apple is reimagining the in-store shopping experience starting with a giant monitor where you can do everything from create your own music -- ??? I'm just putting together some music. Reporter: To design your own artwork. Add in a dash of augmented reality. Are the butterflies there now? Yes. I love the butterflies. Really colorful. Reporter: Sprinkle in a few automated robots. Run my code. And enjoy an amazing array of classes like coding where you can turn the virtual into real life. The woman behind it all, apple's Angela orentz. I think our job is to carry apple's legacy forward and always keep it relevant for now, for today. This is where the best of apple comes together. Reporter: Apple says they want this to be the ultimate meeting place tore people. They have even designed it so that when the store is open or closed, you can hang out here outside right nix to the store, guys. So, Rebecca, do they think if you make it like a gaming lounge, people will hang out more and buy more stuff or are people going to come there, use it and go home without. Reporter: It's interesting. They tell me they're okay with either option. I said it remights me of the children's museum where I used to hang as a kid and that's by design. They want this to be a place where people come, where they can learn and where whether or not they're interested in buying they can come in and spend some time and hope that's the future of retail not just for apple but for all retailers. They know the kids when they start playing with it they'll start begging at home for it. Thank you. An exclusive with the

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{"id":50605844,"title":"Apple unveils its store of the future","duration":"2:21","description":"ABC News' Rebecca Jarvis gives a first look at Apple's new, completely transparent store in Chicago that features automated robots and coding classes.","url":"/GMA/video/apple-unveils-store-future-50605844","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}