Baby Allegedly Snatched From Hospital Found as Teenager

Gloria Williams faces charges for allegedly abducting a baby from a Florida hospital to raise her as her own.
3:49 | 01/15/17

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Transcript for Baby Allegedly Snatched From Hospital Found as Teenager
The child, she's now a teenager and the woman who raised her now behind bars but as you can imagine there are some complicated emotions and Eva pilgrim is covering the story for us this morning. Good morning, Eva. Reporter: Good morning. For one family it's the day they only dreamed of. But for another, a lot of confusion. The teen suspected recently that something was up but nothing could prepare her for what she found out. An extremely emotional moment inside a South Carolina courtroom as this teenage girl is separated from the only mother she's ever known. This morning. A family to be reunited 18 years after a baby was kidnapped from a Florida hospital. I have been praying and praying for this day. 18 years. I can't wait no longer. Reporter: That baby now a teenager and this morning the woman who abducted her being held without bond in a south Carolina jail where an anonymous tip led cops to the now 18-year-old girl. South Carolina we found an 18-year-old young woman with the same date of birth but a different name. So further investigation revealed that fraudulent documents had been used to establish that young woman's identity. Reporter: The case grabbing national attention in 1998 even featured on an episode of "America's most wanted." I just want to know where my baby is at. I just want my baby back. Reporter: Named kamiyah Mobley police had an all-out search for her in baby diapers only eight hours old when she was snatched from the hospital. The baby taken from the arms of her mother by a mysterious woman who told the family she was a nurse, all while telling nurses and staff she was part of the family. I can't believe what I was hearing, what I seen. I feel so strongly that mine is alive out there. Mine is alive and somebody raise them like their own. Reporter: A grandmother's hunch confirmed. Police say 51-year-old Gloria Williams changed kamiyah's name and raised her as her own. During her first court appearance the teen identifying herself by the name Williams allegedly gave her. Oh, I'm her daughter Alexis. Reporter: Openly sobbing seeing the woman now accused of snatching her from her biological mother now behind bars. Okay. I love you. Alexis has facetimed with her biological parents. They are hoping to see her later today. Has to be so confusing for her. Eva, thank you. They were separated by a couple of hours. Just several hours just straight up 95. Oh, Eva, thank you. You can imagine complicated emotions and Brad Garrett joins us from Washington right now. Brad, good morning to you and thanks for joining us. First and foremost how rare is a case like this. It's pretty rare. 308 infant abductions since 1983. Think about this. All but 12 have been solved. It's been my experience that within a few hours or days these children are usually found. Does this show that it is possible to solve a case like this even 18 years after the fact? Yes, and, Dan, here's the real key. I've worked a lot of cold cases that have gone on for years. You have to bring them back in the public's eye. And I think that's what the cops continued to do in Jacksonville, Florida, they get the tip, they go to the small town in south Carolina and as the chief described were able to identify this as the abduction from 18 years ago. Pretty remarkable. As you heard in that piece, this was also part of "America's most wanted" so kept this story and this investigation open pretty much the entirety of the time she was missing. Brad, thank you very much for joining us this morning.

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{"duration":"3:49","description":"Gloria Williams faces charges for allegedly abducting a baby from a Florida hospital to raise her as her own.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44784161","title":"Baby Allegedly Snatched From Hospital Found as Teenager","url":"/GMA/video/baby-allegedly-snatched-hospital-found-teenager-44784161"}