'Bachelorette' Stars Andi, Josh on Life After the Final Rose

The happy couple talks about the show’s finale and what it was like finding love on TV.
4:44 | 07/29/14

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Transcript for 'Bachelorette' Stars Andi, Josh on Life After the Final Rose
In the "Heat index" there is just no question about these two. "The bachelorette," and Dorfman handing out her final rose choosing josh over nick. The engaged couple is here live to tell us all about it. First, though, here's a recap of season 10 of "The bachelorette." You are the woman of my dreams. Reporter: It was the romantic ending to this summer's unforgettable season of "The bachelorette." Oh, my god. Reporter: Andi Dorfman looking shocked and elated as former pro baseball player josh got down on one knee. Would you marry me? Yes! Reporter: But just before this happy moment a surprising twist, and sending the other remaining contestant nick home before he even had the chance to propose. I'm sorry. God, wow. That's so Up. I've been such a fool. Reporter: After the finale a heartbroken nick confronting and live and face to face for the first time as we learned he made several failed attempts to see her after being sent home. There was really nothing wrong between our relationship except something else was more right. It's hard to hear that, you know. Still, nothing could spoil that final moment. I am madly in love with you. Reporter: Josh standing out from the crowd even as the last man out of the limo on the very first night. You look absolutely gorgeous tonight. Thank you. Reporter: But there were types when and was afraid to trust the former pro athlete. I said more time thinking what could go wrong than what could go right. Reporter: In the end, though, the choice was clear. Josh would make and a bachelorette no more. All right. I'd like to introduce you to the future Mr. And Mrs. Josh Murray. Come on out, guys. Congratulations. Thank you. Thank you very much. That was a quick turnaround. Getting out of the car. Hi. How are you? This must feel good to be out together. Yes. So good. Does it? It feels so good. Things starting to set in. Finally. Just got off a plane. Just got off a plane. Red-eye. You are a better-looking couple than even in bad life. Not bad. Right back at you, sister. Andi, I want to start with you. I sort of guessed it right away. Did you? Did you know right early on? I definitely knew like there was that chemistry and attraction with him. I'm definitely an overthinker so it took me to the very end but there was something special with him for sure. Yeah. How about you? You were the last guy to get out of the limo. I was. I was so nervous. Did your first impressions of and, did they pan out now that it's all over and can be told? Yeah, no, they definitely did. I mean I was -- I through she was very intelligent but she is so funny and beautiful. I was intimidated when I first got out of that limo for sure. Last night, it was wonderful to see the love, it was also uncomfortable as a fan of the show to see nick did not seem to take it very well. Yeah, I mean that's always a tough part. I think that's kind of the nature of the beast with the show like I had to break up with 24 guys in order to get the one I really wanted and needed but it's always a little uncomfortable when you have to watch the breakups and talk about them for everyone I think. And we teased at the top of the show. That letter. Yeah. That letter. Can we finally talk about the letter? Yeah, I mean there's really not much to talk about. You know, it's obviously something I read. But, again, it's like I'm very happy in my relationship. Kind of like re-opening the past that doesn't need to be re-opened but, you know, we've moved past that which is nice. Does the Atlanta factor play in? So nice -- Former athlete. He an athlete. They both live in Atlanta. I was like can we just wrap the show up? I feel like it was a disadvantage because coming into the show I'm like I want to move somewhere. I'm getting out of Atlanta so I think it was a disadvantage to him in the beginning. Now it's obviously an advantage. Yeah. So first thing you guys want to do now that you can be -- can stroll the streets and not be undercover? Just walk around. I mean go back home, walk my dog. Piece of pizza would be heist. We can make that happen. We're in times square. Exactly. Have you given any thought to the wedding? I mean a little, yes. I know we would like to do something in the spring. But I think for now it's like I finally got the engagement ring. I'm just going to enjoy this for a little while. Nicely done, my friend. I try. It's beautiful. You did very good. Do you sort of have the same ideas? Are you in sync on that. I think we're thinking about next spring. Give each other time to enjoy the engagement. She wants to plan everything. We'll find out if it'll be on TV. Thank you. Vin diesel coming up,

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{"duration":"4:44","description":"The happy couple talks about the show’s finale and what it was like finding love on TV.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24755061","title":"'Bachelorette' Stars Andi, Josh on Life After the Final Rose ","url":"/GMA/video/bachelorette-proposal-stars-andi-josh-life-final-rose-24755061"}