Baker Reveals 'GMA'-Inspired Thanksgiving Pies

Amateur baker Kristen Abbott created personalized sweet treats inspired by her favorite morning anchors.
3:19 | 11/26/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Baker Reveals 'GMA'-Inspired Thanksgiving Pies
We are counting down to Thanksgiving. And what holiday feast would be complete without pie? So we got a nice as pie letter from a viewer in Pennsylvania who takes and makes pies very personally and says she drew inspiration from all of us. ? meet the mature baker who says "Gma" is the apple to her pie. "Gma" is on the TV when I'm making breakfast, often some kind of dessert. And "Gma" is on in the background. Reporter: So when Kristen Abbott wanted to pump up Thanksgiving pies, she looked to us. I draw inspiration from the friends and family in my life. When I needed pie recipes and inprags, I thought why not use the "Gma" anchors as the inspiration. Reporter: A take on the Robert's family favorite, George, a Greek treat, Lara, inspired by a cause near and dear to her heart. Ginger is a salty and sweet combo she says she loves, and mine, straight from my hometown. They have open with the audience. It was easy and fun to do. Hey, "Gma," I'm coming to the big apple. I Hoff you like pie. That's affirmative. We're all stuffing you are a faces. Go down one by one and reveal the amazing pies for all of us. Start with robin. This is the robin Roberts pie. I love your relationship with your family. This pie celebrates that, this is based on your mom's Christmas punch, the ginger, lime and strawber strawberries. It tastes just like it. It does. It's so good. But it tastes just like my mama's -- I'm glad you like it. I love it. Thank you so much. I'm glad you enjoy it. The George stephanopoulos pie. This is based on your Greek heritage. The Greeks are now my people, my sister married one. This is an adaptation of backlava, and the filling is the white house apple pie recipe that I adapted to salute your political -- She's hitting it all. Pass it back down this way. Lara, you love cupcakes, so this has cupcakes and frosting. And a lemon layer which salutes your work on the lemonade stand. And the coconut from Charleston. And ginger, you are a Michigan girl, as am I. It has a layer of peanut butter fudge similar to mack gnaw wild, and sweet and salty. And Amy, warm butterscotch. And incorporates corn flakes. Again, Michigan to highlight -- These are all wonderful. Beautiful. Wow. Appreciate it. And you included Michael Strahan. It's about his favorite dessert. Brownies and chocolate chip cookies. To get these recipes, "Good morning America" on Yahoo. Staywith us. Glad you liked them. What is this? That's Amy's pie. Really good.

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{"duration":"3:19","description":"Amateur baker Kristen Abbott created personalized sweet treats inspired by her favorite morning anchors.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"27192140","title":"Baker Reveals 'GMA'-Inspired Thanksgiving Pies","url":"/GMA/video/baker-reveals-gma-inspired-thanksgiving-pies-27192140"}