Barbie's Birthday: Man's Massive Doll Collection

Linzie Janis reports on one man's tribute to the famous doll.
2:29 | 03/09/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Barbie's Birthday: Man's Massive Doll Collection
Big news, everybody. Today, barbie's birthday. She made her debut on this day in 1959. She's beloved by millions. Perhaps no one has more affection for her than this guy you're about to meet. Linzie janis is here with more. Reporter: He's waking up probably feeling like one of his barbie princesses. The attention of the media clam moring for a look into his world. This over-the-top shrine is not the barbie dream house you longed for as a child. Welcome to my barbie collection. Reporter: It's the real-life home of this grownup. The sechl styled barbie man is becoming the envy of young girls across america. This video game baim an online sensation. This is the first barbie I've purchased. Reporter: The fruits of 16 years collecting. There's 2,000 barbies in this room alone. People walk into my museum, their jaws just drop. Reporter: Even though the roomof stanley's florida hom are lined wall to wall with barbies and memorabilia, he knows each of them by name. And deal when he sees one. I got her for, like, four bucks. The lady thought it was a reproduction. I played right along. Right along. Reporter: Decked out in outfits to custom planes and convertibles. Even for a gal who is used to having it all. This barbie man's dal dols on nothing short of spoiled. Anything that I find that has the b-a-r-b-i-e to it, I'm buying it. Reporter: It's more than an obsession. You're always if a good mood because you always have beauty around you. Reporter: His collection is worth tens of thousands of dollars. How does he afford it? He runs his own cleaning company. He's found someone who shares his passion. His partner collects ken dolls. He has a thousand. You can't make this up. Dan expressed interest in the pink jacket. It's a good look. Let's tell you what is coming up on the grbroadcast.

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{"id":18691990,"title":"Barbie's Birthday: Man's Massive Doll Collection","duration":"2:29","description":"Linzie Janis reports on one man's tribute to the famous doll.","url":"/GMA/video/barbies-birthday-mans-massive-doll-collection-18691990","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}