Benedict Cumberbatch on His Engagement News, New Film 'Imitation Game'

The actor discusses his role in "Imitation Game" and how he popped the question.
3:58 | 11/17/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Benedict Cumberbatch on His Engagement News, New Film 'Imitation Game'
Actor Benedict Cumberbatch is getting praise for his latest role. He is playing man who helped break the enigma code and was later prosecuted for being gay. Of course that's what you're working on. But you also haven't gotten anywhere with it. If you had, you hiring cryptographers out of school. I like solving problems. Enigma is the toughest in the world. It's not difficult. It's impossible. Emp thinks enigma is unbreakable. Good. Let me try and we'll know for sure, won't we? Thank you for being with us. I want to talk about the big news this month. You got engaged. Congratulations. I did. Thank you very much. I love that we didn't hear about from the the publicist. You took out an ad. Page 57, of the times of London. Did you propose in the traditional way? Sort of. That's for me to know. I understand your mom is asking for cumberbabies. I don't think my mom would ask for that. But people come up with creative things for the first part of my name. You're receiving so much praise. You're already picking up trophies. On Friday, you won the Hollywood actor at the Hollywood film awards. The story of Alan touring is one you didn't know. Most of us don't know. It has to feel remarkable to shed light on such an important part of history. It does. That was one of the main attractions to playing this man. He's war hero. The father of the modern computing age, and a gay icon. It's shocking how comparatively little he's known. To bring him to a wider aud Jens through a felt M, a beautiful script with a great director and cast was a no-brainer to me. The film's director calls it a tribute to being different. What do you want viewers to take away? How important he was to all of our lives. Being true to his identity in a time of intolerance and prenl dis. And also being the father of the modern computing age. The man who pretty much invented the computer. Cyou did a great deal of research. found you were related? I heard this. I would like to verify that before making a comment. It would be wonderful. I would be incredibly proud of that heritage. We'll see. They say yourself boast related to John Beaufort, the first earl of Somerset. Wow, wow. Wheth where's the country pile? Who has it? That's amazing. You go back far enough, England becomes a village where everyone is related. I would love to look into that. You spent a year after school teaching English at a tibetan monastery. Does that help with role? I'm meditating right now. I'm in a deep pool of calm. The baby knows. Meditation comes in handy. Thank you for coming by. We appreciate it. "The imitation game" opens on Friday November 28th.

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{"duration":"3:58","description":"The actor discusses his role in \"Imitation Game\" and how he popped the question.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"26965301","title":"Benedict Cumberbatch on His Engagement News, New Film 'Imitation Game'","url":"/GMA/video/benedict-cumberbatch-engagement-news-film-imitation-game-26965301"}