The best way to eat a chocolate Easter bunny debated

Do you eat the ears first or start with the tail or feet? The "GMA" team tackles the sweet online debate.
9:12 | 04/05/17

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Transcript for The best way to eat a chocolate Easter bunny debated
All: Good morning, America. The very energetic and inspiring scene there your folks at soulcycle out in L.A. A lot of energy in times square with this audience. Give yourselves a round. A great audience. We're going to add to that with some great guests who are going to join us at the table. Please welcome the very funny and very talented stars of the new show "Brockmire," Amanda Peet and hank Azaria. Hi. Mwah. How are you? Good to see you. Hello, gang. Hi. Mwah. Mwah. How are you doing, Mike? Hi. Hi. Oh, you were just going to be the escort. Escort out and leave. Bring her out. Is that what you were doing? I know you guys are looking at the table. I want everybody to know I brought everybody treats this morning. But for a good reason. Okay, there's this whole study that was done by a doctor who is an ear, nose and throat doctor. I don't know why they did the study but it was about how people eat their food. They found that 59% of people when they eat a chocolate bunny start by eating the ears. Yep. Only 59%. Only 59%. George, I haven't even gotten through it and you're already eating the ears. Maybe the bunny needed to hear what I needed to say. How do you start by eating -- The ears. Always the ears. Where do the other 41%? Yeah, the feet. The feet. You can tart's feet. Eye, I'm jewish. Are you going to boycott -- So this is really unfamiliar for me and for hank. Would you like a chocolate menorah brought out? How could we handle it? This is not, you know, I'm not familiar with -- There's other parts of the study. How do you eat your pizza. Do you fold it or eat it open? Fold. I'm a folder. You don't want to get -- I'm a folder. If it has a lot of toppings on it it's too hard to fold. That's true. If it's too hot, but I didn't expect to be hit with such hard-hitting questions. At the top. I was expecting softball. What kind of show is this? But if it's really too hot I'll do the knife and fork thing. Sometimes I cut it right down the middle and it's a little -- It's weird that -- It's weird? It's New York. I'm from queens. Excuse me. Excuse me yourself. I'm allowed to eat my pizza any frickin' way I want. How do you eat your oreos? You open it up and eat the -- with the little filling inside. You actually open yours. You get the filling. Open it up, twist and then go like this. It's an extra step. I just bite the top off the bottom. You want to -- Do you want to go home and think about this question? They're never coming back. I wasn't expecting to get so personal and reveal so much. I like to dip the oreos in the milk or the coffee. Yes. Well, thank you for sharing. Do it any way you want. Now we will talk about your new show "Brockmire," by the way. Congratulations. Thank you very much. Big congratulations is in order. Second season is already been picked up -- I believe we -- Congratulations to you. Thank you. I believe we're announcing that here. Our second season has already been picked up. Sportscaster had a fall from grace. He's getting a second chance thanks to Amman dpa's character. And he has a very distinct voice. I'd love to know who you're channeling and what it feels like to always have that voice. It's not just when he's in the booth. Oh, no, he always talks like this. This is the way jack brockmire talks and I sent the show to Bob Costas and all men I admire and they did, America. Yes, thank you. Amanda, before the show, you were a big baseball fan? I'm not -- I -- I don't get it. Still? Standing around. Still? There's so much standing around. I watch Ken burns' documentary and I still don't get it. I feel like nobody ever makes it to first base. You wait and you wait and you wait and -- Kind of like life. I was going to say it sounds like middle school. You wait and you wait and you wait is there that's the beauty of baseball. You know, look, this is a generic baseball announcer voice, okay, from the '70s especially which is what Bob Costas correctly identified and, you know, when most of your sport is watching grown men stand around and fidget slightly it happens to have it described by charismatic men with deep voices and helps to have a tremendous buzz on. Which brockmire always does. The show is the unfiltered truth. It's baseball, it's sex and it's a whole lot of drinking which, you know, well, it is. And I don't know if you ever tried to do either of those things sober, sex or baseball, but it's not good. No, but that's -- it's -- They're both -- Sex while announcing sex. That happens too. He calls the sex that we have. Play-by-play. That's not the clip we're going to show. Darn it. Well, this will be disappointing. P.A. Announcer? Darling, on the phone you promised me a multiplatform distribution Dealy. That was kind of euphemism for the internet where Charles here will be uploading clips of your broadcasts. I've been working on keeping my hand really steady. Um, you lied to me. I hustled you. There's a difference. Yeah, they go on to eventually have sex and brockmire calls it. How do you keep a straight face when he's doing that. I didn't. I didn't. I ruined a lot of film. She did. We just had to use takes where she was laughing at my calling the sex because that's all there was. I tried to hide but even if you hide your face there's still this. I want to talk about your voices. You've been doing voices for 30 years, over 100 characters from "The simpsons" alone in like 20 or 30 main running ones. Do you have a favorite? My favorite character is Mo the bartender. Oh, there's many -- there's Mo, there he is right there. Let's see. My favorite to do, of course, is professor frank. Are you familiar with professor frank, my dear child? Yes. How about the one of the greatest ever from the "Birdcage." Agador spartacus. All right. Take it easy. The voice frighten me so just relax in how do you come up with all of these gentleman. I'm a mimic. I imitate things I hear. I always have. I didn't realize it was a marketable skill till I was about 20. And then just made a career out of it much to my amazement. Amanda, another one of my favorite shows is "Game of thrones." Everyone knows that. I'm very excited about the next season. Your husband is a writer, producer. Have you ever tried to be on the show, asked to be on the show? I can't. You're going like this. Yeah. Appropriate for that show. It was. Must have been in my head. Many of the women. You see a lot. Yes, I try to sort of obliquely audition for them if we go out and have a couple of drinks, I'll try doing an English accent and just out of nowhere to see if they'll suddenly be like, wow, Amanda, want to come on our show but it just hasn't happened yet. But you try. You're going to keep trying. Yeah, I keep trying. Yeah. The great thing is you already have your show regardless. Yes. You already have your show regardless. "Brockmire." And the show is "Brockmire." It premieres tonight on ifc. Thank you both for coming. That was fun.

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{"duration":"9:12","description":"Do you eat the ears first or start with the tail or feet? The \"GMA\" team tackles the sweet online debate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"46579280","title":"The best way to eat a chocolate Easter bunny debated","url":"/GMA/video/best-eat-chocolate-easter-bunny-debated-46579280"}