The best natural hangover cures

Dr. Jennifer Ashton breaks down which hangover cures work, and which ones likely don't, just in time for New Year's Eve festivities.
2:26 | 12/29/17

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Transcript for The best natural hangover cures
2018 with a big party we have the best cures just in case you get a little too carried away on new year's eve and Dr. Jen Ashton joins us with a look at the latest hangover remedies. Doctor, good morning to you. Happy early new year's. The cures, what happens to the body when we're hung over? Well, Dan, you know, medically we don't totally understand what causes a hangover but we definitely understand that feeling very unpleasant. The leading theory is dehydration, electrolyte abnormal abnormalities. Low blood sugar, obviously your sleep is disrupted when you take in too much alcohol. All of this adds up to not a good feeling. Yeah, you just basically described college for me. So if you wake up on January 1st and you realize you have overdone it what is the number one thing to do? Call me. I will make a house call. Number two, hydration, hydration, hydration. There's been some theories that for every 250 milliliters of mixed alcohol that you consume, your body loses a liter of free water. So I can't emphasize this enough, before you go to bed try to drink a liter of water, it will definitely help how you feel the next day, there is no question. There are some newer trendier so-called cures out there. Can you walk us through which ones may actually do some good. I think we have them in front of you. I sent them to you from Boston. One is barrage oil or borage oil. Star flower, there have been studies it can help if you take it before you go to drink. Same thing with Korean pear juice, I just like the sound of it. It sounds exotic. Probably tastes delicious. It's pretty good. Good, I'm glad and then pickle juice, that's been out there for a long time. Are you drinking -- oh, my god. Listen, people say it hydrates you well. I think it is nasty. But do whatever works for you. At the end of the day, N nonsteroidals like ibuprofen are really going to help. I will caution people watch Asen men anyone, tylenol. That can affect the liver. You don't want to mix that. Of course the number one cure is to drink in moderation. Dr. Ashton, thank you very much.

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{"duration":"2:26","description":"Dr. Jennifer Ashton breaks down which hangover cures work, and which ones likely don't, just in time for New Year's Eve festivities. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"52036493","title":"The best natural hangover cures ","url":"/GMA/video/best-natural-hangover-cures-52036493"}