Black Friday Deals Start to Be Revealed

Retailers start to announce the sales they will offer Thanksgiving weekend.
2:20 | 11/13/16

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Transcript for Black Friday Deals Start to Be Revealed
Test Text1 italics ??? Whether you're ready or not here it comes. We're talking about the holiday shopping season, it is here but we are all in luck because so is Becky Worley who has got our first scouting report. Becky, good morning. Tell us something good. Can we expect good deals this year? Yeah, all the baseball analogies, it's going to be a good year this year, Paula. It's not going to be insane 2008 recession pricing but definitely the most competitive prices of the year so first tip, use deal aggregator sites to search for the things you like like They'll show you who has the lowest price. So run us through the big category, what kind of prices can we expect and when should we buy? Yeah, it's not just where but when. Dealnews, I use as my bible. Let's start with laptops. Thanksgiving and Black Friday doorbusters predict chromebook, $95, mainstream machines, under $300. Going on to TVs, smaller sets in the 32-inch range, door buster prides Thursday, Friday around 100 bucks. Average price, though, throughout the weekend and up until cyber Monday, 140. High-end TVs, 65-inchers, $459 for those off brand models on the door busters. Look for those on Thanksgiving and online. Next best prices for TVs, cyber Monday. Timing is everything. Okay, you just mentioned cyber Monday. What about Black Friday. Still one of the best days to buy an appliance. Absolutely. If you are in the market for a fridge or a washing machine, it is definitely go time. Dishwashers, 250 bucks, chest freezers, $135. Thanksgiving is your main day for these deals online or "Black-ish" Friday and look for free shipping even on this big stuff but timing alert here, these retailers are expected to try and undercut each other so you can also shop the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Enjoy your football while you can. Basically there's not a good time -- there's never a good time to the to shop is what you're telling us, Becky. That's what they're trying to get us in the mood for. All right, Becky, thank you very much. "Pop news" is next with Diane.

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{"duration":"2:20","description":"Retailers start to announce the sales they will offer Thanksgiving weekend.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"43505003","title":"Black Friday Deals Start to Be Revealed","url":"/GMA/video/black-friday-deals-start-revealed-43505003"}