FAA to Review Dreamliner Plane Design

As Dreamliner issues continue, FAA will review the manufacturing and design of new Boeing 787.
2:06 | 01/11/13

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Transcript for FAA to Review Dreamliner Plane Design
It really does. Now, to the dreamliner. The faa is ordering a comprehensive review of the airliner this morning. And it's the latest in a series of stumbles for the 787. Jim avila is here with the latest. Jim, good morning. Reporter: The ballyhooed plane of the future, the dreamliner, is having a nightmare run. And the faa will conduct a full review of its design, its systems and its manufacturing. The faa calling in the national press corps to talk about a recent rash of problems onboard the dreamliner 787. Bloomberg news reporting, the government will call for a review of the plane's newly-designed electrical power system. This is a newer kind of a battery that hasn't been basically, you know, looked at, in terms of any types of falls. It's a very good battery. We're not sure what happened with it. Reporter: The 787, which gets better fuel mileage than standard jetliners, replaced controls with lightweight electronics to fly. It's more sophisticated, powerful and complicated. And while the dreamliner has had other minor glitches, including a fuel leak in boston, and a brake warning light in tokyo this week, and just overnight at a different airport in japan, a cracked cockpit windshield, the electrical hitch is seriously to catch the attention of the ntsb, faa and aviation experts. United, which flies the only six 787s OPERATING DOMESTICALLY, Says it has no plans to take its dreamliners out of service. Boeing says, it has extreme confidence in the 787. And it is 100% safe to fly. Today, the faa will say, if it agrees. Sources tell abc news that the faa is not going to ground the plane, signaling at least for now it doesn't feel the plane's problems are safety issues right now. And it is safe to fly.

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{"id":18188912,"title":"FAA to Review Dreamliner Plane Design","duration":"2:06","description":"As Dreamliner issues continue, FAA will review the manufacturing and design of new Boeing 787.","url":"/GMA/video/boeing-dreamliner-problems-faa-review-planes-design-18188912","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}