Bowe Bergdahl Released by Taliban After 5 Years of Captivity

U.S. Special Forces rescued the 28-year-old in a top-secret mission in the Khost Province in Afghanistan.
3:22 | 06/02/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bowe Bergdahl Released by Taliban After 5 Years of Captivity
A lot of detays to get to on that top secret deal to free Bowe bergdahl, the American sergeant held by the Taliban for nearly five years. Full team coverage this morning starting with ABC's Martha Raddatz in Washington. Good morning, Martha. Reporter: Good morning, George. It will be until at least Wednesday morning before bergdahl is reunited with his family, all part of a carefully managed reintegration program the military uses for freed captives. Right now he is being briefed and decompressing at landstuhl in Germany after a harrowing five-year captivity and a dramatic release. 7:00 P.M. Saturday with U.S. Drones in helicopters overhead in case the deal turned deadly, a team of so-called black U.S. Special operators, those who are part of the most secretive missions moved deep into khost Providence, close to 20 Taliban surrounded him, a tense exchange but no shots fired as the 28-year-old was hustled into a waiting helicopter. When airborne, bergdahl scribbled with a pen, sf? Meaning special forces? The commandos responding, yes adding we've been looking for you for a long time. Bergdahl broke down in tears. It was June 30th, 2009 when bergdahl was captured by the Taliban after sources say he walked away from his remote base by himself leaving his weapon behind. Taliban videos would soon follow. The third video in April 2010, a desperate young soldier pleading. I'm begging you, bring me home. Reporter: And back in Idaho through the years, Bowe's parents just as desperate. His father growing a long beard and speaking pashtun directly to the Taliban and Bowe. U.s. Sources say bergdahl was being held in Pakistan in a city so a rescue would have been extremely difficult. It is why just 3 1/2 hours after bergdahl was released, that the U.S. Freed those five high-ranking Taliban from guantanamo sending them to Qatar and leaving the Taliban claiming victory. But this morning, there are still lingering questions surrounding bergdahl's disappearance as addressed by national security adviser Susan rice on "This week" with George. We'll have the opportunity to learn what has transpired in the past years but what's most important now is his health and well-being. Reporter: But this morning, there is a growing firestorm about the deal to release bergdahl and the circumstances of his capture five years ago with some former and current soldiers I have talked to and others staying to social media outraged by the deal saying he walked away from his outpost willingly and put lives at risk and may have cost lives in the search for him. But U.S. Officials have dodged the question, George, as you know, about that publicly. Yeah, when I asked Susan rice about that yesterday, Martha, she seemed to reflect the view that whatever bergdahl did five years ago he's paid the price. Reporter: I think that's true, George and U.S. Officials will say on background that he will unlikely face any sort of punishment for that. Okay, Martha, thanks. George, bergdahl's parents

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{"id":23954010,"title":"Bowe Bergdahl Released by Taliban After 5 Years of Captivity","duration":"3:22","description":"U.S. Special Forces rescued the 28-year-old in a top-secret mission in the Khost Province in Afghanistan.","url":"/GMA/video/bowe-bergdahl-released-taliban-years-captivity-23954010","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}