Britney 3.0: Spears Attempts to Reinvent Image

Pop singer releases new and very personal message to her fans.
3:00 | 10/27/13

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Transcript for Britney 3.0: Spears Attempts to Reinvent Image
Test Text1 italics ♪ lot has happened to britney spears since she first rocketed to the top of the charts in a provocative schoolgirl outfit. She has had two husbands, two kids and coming up on eight albums later, she's looking to reinvent herself once again. In a personal message to her fans this morning. Reena ninan has more. Reporter: Has this good girl gone bad gone girl again? In a heart felt handwritten letter posted on her website, britney spears makes an effort to connect with her fans and reinvent herself once again. I want to show you a different side of myself. She rose to fame fast with hit after hit after hit. But this star fell even faster with a few missteps along the way, that turned this music icon's reputation toxic. ♪ You're toxic ♪ Reporter: It's a slow and painful climb back to stardom. She poured her heart and soul into bringing it to life. I learned a lot about myself. But in the time of headline-grabbing young artist like twerking miley cyrus britney is working to stay relevant. She can't worry about other people. If she focuses on her responsibilities at hand, she's going to do just fine. If a new record release isn't enough for spears, she announced live on "good morning america" she'll be doing 100 shows in las vegas over the next two years. Womanizer is still the song i play when I need to run fast and the coffee machine is broken. If this news thing doesn't work out for you -- talk about reinvention. We're happy for britney. Thank you, reena coming up on "good morning america" -- are we

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{"id":20694926,"title":"Britney 3.0: Spears Attempts to Reinvent Image","duration":"3:00","description":"Pop singer releases new and very personal message to her fans.","url":"/GMA/video/britney-spears-attempts-reinvent-image-20694926","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}