Budget Snack Treats Go Gourmet

Kalisa Martin of tastingtable.com discusses the snack-food trend in fancy restaurants.
3:10 | 08/01/13

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Transcript for Budget Snack Treats Go Gourmet
Test Text1 plain here with the director of operations at tastingtable.Com. And here here to taste some souped-up snack food. They have an everyday ingredient. Tell us about tastingtable.Com. Tasting table is an online magazine that delivers the best of food and drink culture to readers worldwide. One of the ideas is things that kids eat all the time. Are you ready for a taste test? The first thing is to guess -- there's something -- some snack food in this macaroni. Exactly. This was actually the most surprising for us. You'll never guess. I'll give you a couple chances, though. It's good. It's from the macaron parlor in new york. You'll never guess this one. It is cheetos. Oh, my. And you know what? That little -- it's cheesy, salty cheetos make this french macaron. Moving on to this right here. Looks like ordinary lunch fare, chicken salad. As soon as you bite into it, the first snack will reveal itself. It's from market & rye in san francisco. I know this one. Yummy. Doritos. Doritos. That's right. But actually -- there's a second ranch flavor. It's hidden valley french dressing. There's a lot of kick in there. This one looks like a supergourmet soup. If you look at the noodles, it will remind you of something you had maybe in your college days. Oh, ramen noodles. Ramen noodles. With the bacon on it. They have kicked it up with shrimp, meatballs and flavor, as well. If chefs can do it. Chex mix. This is great. This is fun. Gourmet and chef. Exactly. Give it a taste. I guarantee you never had chex mix like this before. It's delicious. I can't -- all right. Well, instead of using butter, it was basted in duck fat. Where do you find duck fat? Do you go to the store? If you can find duck, you can find duck fat. All of these things, we have the ingredients already. And moms and dads can do it. And clearly, we all like it. You can get all of the recipes at

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{"duration":"3:10","description":"Kalisa Martin of tastingtable.com discusses the snack-food trend in fancy restaurants.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19837245","title":"Budget Snack Treats Go Gourmet","url":"/GMA/video/budget-snack-treats-gourmet-19837245"}