Douglas, Damon on 'Risk' of Making 'Candelabra'

Actors join executive producer Jerry Weintraub in discussing making of HBO film.
3:50 | 05/23/13

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Transcript for Douglas, Damon on 'Risk' of Making 'Candelabra'
Now to one of the year's most highly anticipated movies "behind the candelabra" about liberace and his much younger male lover premiering this weekend and the man behind the movie jerry weintraub and stars michael douglas and matt damon sat down with abc's elizabeth vargas for an exclusive interview and the risks and rewards of making this film. I thank you all for joining me in this boogie woogie. Reporter: The real liberace would say too much of a good thing is wonderful. And "behind the candelabra" certainly doesn't shy away from that vividly showcasing the entertainer's out rage and opulent life. I was talking about which one has the more flamboyant costumes. I don't know. It's a draw between your fur capes and his -- chauffeur outfit. The. The red rooster outfit. That was good. Your chauffeur outfit is pretty sweet. I love you for not only what you have made of yourself but for what you are making of me. We had some great ones. We had some real winners there. I don't think in either of our careers we'll be able to top some of the costumes we had. Reporter: The movie pa painstakingly re-creates the ornate details of liberace's life. I personally support the entire austrian rhinestone business. Reporter: But as elaborate as the film looks it was shot at lightning speed in just 33 days. We were only moving fast because you guys wanted to move fast. You learn first instincts are normally right, you know. Ain't going to be much better. Reporter: How many takes did it take for all the romantic scenes. Well, I dragged those out. He did. Oh, you are get going to get it. Get more out of it this time. Michael, did you know when we shot that scene with matt coming out of the pool, I was watching the monitor and I looked to my left and there was a lady there and it was matt's mother. Yeah, she was there that day. Your mom -- was on set that day it's how it worked out. I said, are you okay? You called out your mom before the shot. You said, ma, are you all right? Are you all right. Reporter: The roles are to be sure a departure for both douglas and damon and perhaps to some a risky move. So impressed with matt, you know, in the prime of your career he's taken such chances and range of stuff that -- would you have done that at this point in your career? Not back -- put things in perspective, back -- my age back then, no, probably not. I bet you would have you didn't shy away from anything. It would have been me and lee. Himself. Reporter: Despite featuring two of hollywood's biggest stars movie studios wouldn't finance the film which instead was made by hbo. Jerry, what did the studio say when you were trying to distribute the movie? I've heard they actually said this movie was too gay. No, they never said that. Nobody ever said that. They told me that they loved the script and that the subject matter was a little too bold for them and they didn't want to go there. Reporter: Did that surprise you? That's different from what she said? Well -- Reporter: Thank you, michael. That it was too gay. They didn't say the word "gay." That it would attract a gay audience but nobody else also, maybe they were worried about the size of the audience. Reporter: Even after "brokeback mountain." Didn't have any cowboys. Yeah, we did but -- oh, we did. You just didn't notice. And "behind the candelabra"

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{"id":19241202,"title":"Douglas, Damon on 'Risk' of Making 'Candelabra'","duration":"3:50","description":"Actors join executive producer Jerry Weintraub in discussing making of HBO film.","url":"/GMA/video/candelabra-interview-michael-douglas-matt-damon-risk-making-19241202","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}