The cast of 'Wonder Woman' takes over 'GMA'

Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Robin Wright, Connie Nielsen and Patty Jenkins open up about the upcoming film live from Times Square.
6:13 | 05/23/17

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Transcript for The cast of 'Wonder Woman' takes over 'GMA'
And an exclusive look at the new "Wonder woman" and back with the stars more than 75 years in the making. What took so long? I have no idea but everybody, give it up for "Wonder woman"'s gal gadot, Chris pine, Connie Nielsen, robin Wright and director Patty Jenkins. There we go. First off let me start off by saying, great job by everybody. Well done by everybody and, Chris, one thing for you, you had to get in shape for this movie. One scene you're all -- I'm not going to say. So long. But you prepped for so long. I think Patty has a fetish for large baggy clothing. It looks great. So you were like getting ripped for months and months. For months I did three movies back-to-back and prepping for this one scene because this was the scene that Patty pitched me. She's like so you get out of the hot tub and -- she pitched it as a funny line. But you put on ten pounds of clothes. How do you feel about that. Not bad, man. Really like -- harsh my mellow. I want to ask, robin, what was it like being around this estrogen, amazing women. Empowering. Really empowering and we were strong. We didn't just feel strong. We were strong. Yeah, you worked really hard. All of us. We trained every day. Horseback riding, martial arts training, weight lifting and 2,000 to 3,000 calories a day. Wait. That's a lot. That's good. That looks like kind of fun. I tell you what, it paid off. Everybody looks incredible. Connie, you play the queen of the Amazons and I was telling gal earlier I never seen such a powerful group of women. It was amazing to watch on film. How was it on set to have them around. There was this one moment where I'm standing in the tent and gal is on one side and Anne wolf the eight-time world champion of boxing teaching my little son how to box and I'm thinking, my son is going to grow up thinking that strong, amazing women are the best thing there is. Yeah. Patty, labor of love, this film, correct. What? Getting this done. So great. I mean, listen, there's the me that made the movie that is -- hopes everyone likes it but then there's the me that, you know, was a wonder woman fan and I can't wait to see it myself in that way. We did a screening. Our cast, our kids, what do you hope that women and little girls -- and little boys and everybody take away from this film? I'm a huge believer in the story of like becoming a hire row and the myth of superhero movies and always have believed it in. The idea of like getting to share something with kids of the world and adults of the world of all kinds, the story of someone who wants to be a hero and takes a journey to becoming a real hero and what that is is like something I think beautiful so I hope they have a great time and I hope they love it and laugh but also hope they feel inspired to be a hero in their own life and learn love and thoughtfulness as well as strength. I love that. That's great. I love that. That's wonder woman. Something I wish I personally had -- in my life was that lasso of truth. We want to play a game. Don't give me that look. It's called the lasso of truth lightning round. We're going to ask you some questions. You have to tell us the truth. There's really a lasso that -- hopefully do we have a graphic of a lasso. There was a word on the treat that we're going to actually wrap you or maybe I'm just making it up. Imagine that you're being wrapped. Okay. Anyway, go ahead. You're up. You're up first. Okay, lasso of truth, Patty, you're in it right now. Who broke character and laughed the most on set, go, lasso of truth? Easy. Yeah, but this is -- by the way this is not fair because she's paired -- it's because she's paired with the funniest guy of all time in -- who would -- who would tee her up and then just drop and suddenly go into the scene and look at her like, ah. You broke it. She did that to him too. That's very true. The giggler. The giggler. Chris, you're up. Lasso of truth. Here we go. What's your biggest quirk? Oh, I have a flip phone. What? Yeah. They still exist? Yeah, man. It's a whole -- the flip is a whole world you got to get into. Why? Because I -- you know, I'll tell you what. Here we go. I recently got a record player and flip phone and I kind of like the simplifying down -- I just like -- I like the N noncomplicated -- I don't want to be connected so much. I just like the -- Did you -- Decrease in anxiety. I was literally asking him a few days ago, what is this? You had the flip phone. He can't call anybody. No. There's no receiving. I don't know if you remember like t-9. You had to do that t-9 thing. No. Wow. I just at some point, all right. Yeah. You know. Connie, I have one question for you in the lasso of truth. Is it true you can say good morning in seven different languages. That is the truth. Yes. Really. Speak seven languages. Let's hear them. And so on. And so on. I'll take that. We want to thank you all for being here. The movie is fantastic. Really great job and everybody, "Wonder woman" hits theaters June 2nd. Make sure you check it out.

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{"duration":"6:13","description":"Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Robin Wright, Connie Nielsen and Patty Jenkins open up about the upcoming film live from Times Square. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"47573451","title":"The cast of 'Wonder Woman' takes over 'GMA'","url":"/GMA/video/cast-woman-takes-gma-47573451"}