'Central Intelligence' Stars Take on Bullying

The stars of the new comedy 'Central Intelligence' surprise a group of high school students to send a powerful message.
3:00 | 06/15/16

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Transcript for 'Central Intelligence' Stars Take on Bullying
In or out or what? No time for questions. Just action. In or out. Then I'm out. That's Dwayne "The rock" Johnson and Kevin hart in "Central intelligence" and they went on a top secret mission also even though Kevin hart was out there they let you in on this mission. Yeah, I know. I'm extremely lucky. I was in the covert mission. They have a big superstar surprise and a special message for some unsuspecting teens and, yes, I got to be a witness to it all. Take a look. Let's rack 'em. What happens when the kid who is publicly humiliated in high school. Here. Turns into this. Spoiler alert. I'm in the cia. Dwayne Johnson and Kevin hart teaming up in the action-packed comedy "Central intelligence." The film sending a powerful anti-bullying message. I don't like bullies. We need one star, we need Amy robach. Oh! I joined Dwayne and Kevin on a top secret mission to share that story firsthand with 275 unsuspecting teenagers at landmark high school in New York City. Wow, so I'm so excited you guys let me come along on your "Central intelligence" mission here. It's a big deal. Having a very big pep rally. Have no idea you are here. They have no idea. A lot of the students have been challenged in many, many way, right, coming up hard, seeing hard times, Kevin and I are no stranger to that. Are you ready. I'm ready. Are you? I am so ready. I'm with the best. Can I get a drum roll, please. That pep rally all part of our Ruiz. The drum roll. Yeah and a marching band. Landmark high! Who here has been bullied before? A message to everybody here is be brave. If you are a person who's been bullied we encourage you to speak up. Tell people what's going on. Regardless of your challenges, you can overcome them and you can become great. Push yourself to greatness. Reporter: Their message resonating with the students. A round of applause. Reporter: I call that mission complete. Thank you, landmark high. Those kids, you were incredible. Remember what we told you. Landmark, thank you for listening to me and my positive messages and "Gma" or shall I say family. They were so great to do that and to be there for their kids and that message is going to continue because it lives on in all their cell phones. A mob scene. I'm surprised you made it out. That mob scene was for Amy. It wasn't for you. Yeah. Dwayne and Kevin hart are Kevin and the movie "Central intelligence" which I cannot wait to see his theaters on Friday.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The stars of the new comedy 'Central Intelligence' surprise a group of high school students to send a powerful message.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"39863327","title":"'Central Intelligence' Stars Take on Bullying","url":"/GMA/video/central-intelligence-kevin-hart-dwayne-rock-johnson-bullying-39863327"}