Chadwick Boseman a 'Powerhouse' in 'Get on Up'

Actor takes on Godfather of Soul James Brown in an all new biopic.
12:13 | 08/08/14

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Transcript for Chadwick Boseman a 'Powerhouse' in 'Get on Up'
It's exactly do you call your style of music but I got a giant -- music -- It's so quiet it is time. They had to name what it takes another wreck edit it to get on a box. And -- like my. Not in my own already examined in the day. Backed out of thing. Bob has got -- new day. Of smog is in -- bag and the bag -- the base in the basement of a kidney. To grow. -- -- union and grew. No I get so. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn where we tell you what's happening at the movies and there's a happening Nike camp believe -- now code get on op which is a biopic. And on conventional biopic about James Brown. Starring Chad would -- in a performance that you know some performances. An actor takes a swing -- Really difficult role this is playing the god father -- He doesn't take a swing at it he hits it out of the park -- Chadwick it is a pleasure to welcome them here thank you can really thinking that it really is so. This was just easiest job your life right -- Why is it it's nothing to play the godfathers -- hardest working man in show business. An icon of music you -- said. Oh no no this league is funny because we once. Did. Everybody who -- you have to be the hardest working man is so business and flee the hardest working Americans. -- -- had to catch up it's a way. Dance all the time it. -- I would never have stopped points. Fifteen. Hours some top jobs will be -- Today you're not wearing -- -- door though there's no -- I didn't do you go into a split when he came in here though no split the city -- -- -- kind of set a little bit of a goodbye to change. -- the -- the first month after we sat I didn't listen to you be James Brown music. ID one receiving James Brown are medicine idea when I see it do you want to listen to but I killed myself from doing so. The bureau says it existed do you give them out of my system could because you know -- -- -- -- -- was wanted to stop. She -- his movie -- We actually got snowed in in Mississippi -- it's it was the you know that icy -- and we got snowed in down everybody was kind of happy news they really have to say goodbye. To each of them by produces a direct is that we still got a long and everything so. -- that rarely had a -- The was it was a weird weird experience with you eight took -- -- committee. -- -- -- -- -- We're just meeting today so I have no idea I think a lot of people would have no idea of who you -- as a person. When you played Jackie Robinson we saw you play guy kept inside when he was he was cautious he was yielding and we need the feelings. That with -- plant is the guy keeps nothing -- right it's this is just. Right who -- you close to it. -- -- Who who is. Which one of my clothes -- to. I think I have a little bit of both you don't that you have to let the when he -- deeply -- the search. For. Him -- use and yet you know sort of call him mean. But I have have a little visible. The the Jackie Robinson -- that keeps it's. The hard thing about that -- 11. Let's talk to your body. He basically was not give -- words. It's it's. Silent -- you know. That was -- a difficult thing to do well. It's that the people watching. Late. Last -- this. Awful like he was extremely extremely difficult thing to do you know so. It. I would say I'm like -- one that the -- sort of in between this and this -- -- little pieces little -- thing. How much in these two rules DG -- already prepped to do how much baseball. How much baseball did you play -- Before -- these we took they took a lot of baseball. Out of the movie was -- -- was baseball. You that you couldn't have made is similar to excellent performances -- you know. So when we had a lot of spring training it was like. Three and a half months. Of spring training but you played before now. I was baseball. So you're not a baseball player you do you forty -- right now I'm assuming you were huge at home on karaoke night with James ran. -- it's. None of this nobody would have said we must have chat with this. IE was -- in -- we did the first test. How say. -- -- -- You know he was adamant about be doing you play I didn't understand what was that would be releasing advanced lightweight -- -- out of a no. Where he does have its own feeling so where like I'm not a musical like -- -- like musicals -- You he has -- be a great musical formula while very often -- OK why they see here right now provided the there's no reason what -- they feel the need to go with the song you know it's it's it's not my back. At all. That's what that's what seems so amazing now we hear. Mostly the vocal of James Brown so you -- basically that thing. -- this problem will if if you would there yet while we -- -- you heard anything so you're saying it. I'm C a -- -- thing in mind it's obscene it's in the the playback performance. -- -- -- In there because we use -- -- recordings. You know the live recordings of his -- homes and old masters are -- as Kristi. Is the studio recordings. So there's some time as well -- -- -- Atlanta some moments or so with some sort of a mixture -- voices in. At times. And then there's some of the -- way and it's not concert we you do your mom ways -- -- use -- -- my boys my voice by itself. I mean them that's. The splits a lot. Usually you see how do we do it but I mean it was at TGI it confessed to me gently. What would you do it did you did down -- and then get. I. -- -- deep back out to you. Over and oversee. -- is honestly was we practice you know we Chinese. We we do you know number after number after number that can repeat. Number and even when we use we you would did -- you'd have to. Do it again. We've had many also have Mick Jagger and as as a producer on this meant. Who knew James Brown where it -- -- what advice did you get from him he basically tried to give me way. -- brown gave him. He he learned. How to captivate -- audience receive big Jack do you see -- guy that knows how two. Control. The band and and viable for the belt off of them are from the ban -- problem the audience at the same time. So we will go through songs. And just listen to all. And he would say. You know do you hear that let's rewind -- back let's listen to this again this is what he's doing in this this moment this is what he's doing in that moment. You know you saw how passionate he was about you know the music -- And just the UUGBJ's. Brown would point to a performance. It was his form and you get to two -- of -- to do that with the jacket to listen. To his take on I think that's for best test -- I think it's it's a rare. Yes -- who gets to do. It's. -- these tea party's list -- parties. And with me. Here. Well let me as we and I want to ask you about you looking at you and get out. And saying. Is there a moment as seen in this movie that just resonate for you. As Chadwick as opposed to saying it's the best scene it was the toughest -- I'll just something that when you look at it you say here. I mean this I -- this. -- who feel that way about this C with -- Viola Davis. You know that the is that your mother in the years coming back to -- ULA is actually the you know a lot of times we want to yourself you -- can't touch this thing -- of people do. Way is do something about that see this is so emotionally soul you know she was amazing. He has seen images just to be on screen with -- -- while she was in that state. -- -- You know there are things that happen -- seen -- when -- plant life. And you know you've resonates every Tom Watson case he you know -- spontaneity was there and and the emotions were there so it's it's pretty much -- scene and you're reacting to begin its this. Yes you did these things to me you weren't here for me and then watching that happen. -- We always ends and this can sound strange but this is what this show is it always ends with a little bit of song. That I hope you're not gonna force obviously. -- moved. -- lit. And then I have to put in James Brown so. Is there some music that you listened to that's not James brown and is it anything about this that you can do this little smidgen. He needs this. I'm glad you said that days brown grass that's -- now I'm not asking -- that I'm asking for something that's in your head. But -- what you grew up here. -- -- -- -- Believe -- you may. You do say I told you so who. In the -- have -- do you moon. You know heard months as -- Is that any wind farm -- the cab -- oh. Do you leak. -- -- -- -- -- Ball then eleven. And golden. And -- whatever the London. Hey. You know I want sadly Bozeman CD I had come I know but it's like I'm so -- -- A pleasure to talk to -- -- -- -- --

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{"duration":"12:13","description":"Actor takes on Godfather of Soul James Brown in an all new biopic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24899032","title":"Chadwick Boseman a 'Powerhouse' in 'Get on Up'","url":"/GMA/video/chadwick-boseman-interview-2014-actor-powerhouse-24899032"}