Mommy Blogger Slams Sharing, Outrage Ensues

Parents voice their concern about Beth Wankel's claim that sharing leads to a sense of entitlement.
2:01 | 04/17/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mommy Blogger Slams Sharing, Outrage Ensues
on to a mom sparking a big controversy this morning. She's saying kids don't need to learn to share and has a lot of parents talking about it. Abc's becky worley has the story. No! Reporter: Share and share alike, sharing is caring. Mine! Reporter: We've all heard the saying but now some preschools are teaching kids that they shouldn't share saying that forcing one child to give up a toy gives the recipient a sense of entitlement. If one of the kids has a toy and someone else wants it we're not going to make them give it up until they're totally done. Reporter: Mommy blogger beth goes to a preschool where sharing is not encouraged and she says it's good for them. I want your shovel. Can you share to me? No. Reporter: Did you say no? How come? I just like it so much. Reporter: It goes like this, only when a child is done playing with something can another child take the toy. In fact, many of these preschools have replicas of the exact same toys to avoid any conflicts but it doesn't always work. Proponents say forced sharing sends a message that everyone gets what they want right now like the 20 somethings in the hbo series "girls." All I'm asking for is $1100 a month for the next two years. Chump change. Reporter: But can a no sharing policy prevent a generation of entitled kids? We are trying to get kids towards ideally not forced sharing but empattic sharing in a way that raises that altruistic giving for the right reasons. Reporter: Yet for some on the front lines with toddlers rethinking traditional values may ultimately benefit the child. If left that their own devices they work 0 out conflict remarkably well when adults don't put an arbitrary rule on them. Reporter: Becky worley, abc news, san francisco.

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{"id":18977468,"title":"Mommy Blogger Slams Sharing, Outrage Ensues ","duration":"2:01","description":"Parents voice their concern about Beth Wankel's claim that sharing leads to a sense of entitlement.","url":"/GMA/video/children-sharing-mommy-blogger-slams-sharing-outrage-ensues-18977468","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}