New Health Warning About Kids and Energy Drinks

Study reveals the health risks associated with sugary drinks and kids.
1:53 | 11/17/14

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Transcript for New Health Warning About Kids and Energy Drinks
Help me it's about a warning about an. And is that a private coverage and treating them by accident. Bringing thousands of calls to poison control centers to decide doctorate countries here now emergency symptoms are scary. Hey they are this did this study was presented at the American Heart Association meetings and they look at phone calls to poison control centers over three year period. And they found that there were nearly 5000. Calls for these these caffeine containing energy drinks. And the side effects were seen rapid heart rate feared ability nausea but they ordered tremors a hundred people with chest pain. And nearly half of the calls were bad children under the age of six. Very yacht and so Howard bank under the age of six as unintentional that there yeah I mean the good news is that parents were not saying here have some energy drink very few of these where we're intentional. But it may mean to parents were leaving them in places they kids could get to and about packaging us. That could be easily mistake it did its attractive bid a lot of the look the same as sodas and kids aren't gonna know the difference took there are routed a place to dedicate can get to it sounds like it gets a little that would. Really. Well there's a lot of caffeine in. Yo the good news is that none of this side effects in the children were permanent numb none of them were life threatening. But there's simple things that that parents can do you know first is never give one tears to your children they're not designed for children. Don't put them in a place that children can get to. And then you can set an example you have don't be drinking one of these around your children and they can't that looks like this soda. You wanna set an example drink water bring things that you do what your children to have and that that'll cut down the chances that your kid's gonna get them. Give them a better view of our had one it will send you racing as an adult still not certain he had a lot a lot of yeah upgraded thanks entry and get a statement from. Endeavour's sensation facing an energy drink makers stayed on their packaging that energy drinks are not recommended for children and they've pledged not to market and the children or sell them in schools this could.

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{"duration":"1:53","description":"Study reveals the health risks associated with sugary drinks and kids.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"26964830","title":"New Health Warning About Kids and Energy Drinks","url":"/GMA/video/childrens-health-energy-drinks-26964830"}