Chinese Twins Reunited in America

Twin girls adopted by two separate families in the US finally meet.
2:21 | 08/24/13

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Transcript for Chinese Twins Reunited in America
We'll see you later in the show. Now, to my favorite story of the morning. Imagine this. Twin girls from china, adopted by two separate american families. The girls never knowing they shared a special bond with someone else. But thanks to their parents' detective work and maybe a sixth sense, the girls can call themselves sisters and now friends. Abc's susan saulny has more. ♪ Twinkle twinkle little star ♪ Reporter: Until this week, anna and ella have never met. At least not since the day they were born. We have brown hair. Reporter:7-year-old twins, anna and ella were separated at birth. When we watch them run or play, I catch ella out of the corner of my eye. And don't know if it's anna or ella. They have similar facial expressions. Reporter: Both girls were adopted from china. But to different parents. Halfway across the world, el ella was matched up with a couple in michigan. And anna went to south carolina. We wanted to travel and bring her home. Reporter: In fact, the two sets of parents met during the adoption process, even became facebook friends. Every time she would post a picture of ella, I would think so myself, that looks a lot like anna. Reporter: But had no idea their daughters were sisters. One day, cocaine kandl e-mailed ella's mom, pointing out the two girls shared a birthday. And asked, quote, do you think there's any possibility they are twins? I said, we have to do something about this. Reporter: Last month, a dna test confirmed. Anna and ella are fraternal twins. I love my sister. I was particularly excited because I have a twin brother. It's something amazing for our daughter. And being an only child, she has a sister that she has desperately wanted for seven years. Reporter: Sisters simply being sisters, as if they knew each other their whole lives. Now, when ella's family heads back home to michigan, that won't be the end of this little reunion. The family already has plans to spend the girls' birthdays together. And lots of other occasions, too, because, dan and bianna, they are family now. So great to see them together. It's fascinating that the families stayed in touch with each other. Had they not, they never would have known. Now, they can both get pierced ears. Coming up on "gma," a story

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{"id":20055936,"title":"Chinese Twins Reunited in America","duration":"2:21","description":"Twin girls adopted by two separate families in the US finally meet.","url":"/GMA/video/chinese-twins-reunited-america-20055936","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}