Chipotle Announces New Food Safety Measures

The restaurant chain is unveiling new steps to keep its food safe after recent outbreaks of E. coli.
1:53 | 12/24/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Chipotle Announces New Food Safety Measures
Thumbs up. Thank you. Big changes at chipotle. They announced new steps to keep its food safe after those recent outbreaks got dozens of people sick across America. ABC's kendis Gibson is on the story. Reporter: This morning, changes are coming to fast food chain chipotle just days after the CDC began investigating a second outbreak of E. Coli affecting customers in three states. The burrito giant with more than 1900 locations announcing overnight over the next few weeks it'll start adjusting the way it cooks and prepares ingredients including submerging onions in boiling water before they're chopped and covering with lemon or lime juice to kill germs. Chopping tomatoes and cilantro in central locations. Testing meat before shipping it to stores and marinating raw chicken in plastic bags rather than open bowls. Chipotle telling ABC news overnight with all of these program components in place we will be able to reduce the risk of contamination within our system to a level near zero. I do think some consumers are questioning if this is the best to do it, why was this not in place beforehand. Reporter: They're coming as they're struggling to regain customer trust after two outbreaks of E. Coli sickened people in several states and 140 college students sickened with Noor row virus after eating at a restaurant in chipotle. No closure until the customer feels they know what happened, this I've isolated it and figured it out and made the necessary changes I think this will remain a risk for this company or could. Reporter: That Boston location where the nearly 140 people got sick with norovirus earlier this month finally cleared by inspectors and expected to re-open today. All of this having a major impact on chipotle's sales and stock prices both down double digits.

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{"duration":"1:53","description":"The restaurant chain is unveiling new steps to keep its food safe after recent outbreaks of E. coli.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35939299","title":"Chipotle Announces New Food Safety Measures","url":"/GMA/video/chipotle-announces-food-safety-measures-35939299"}