Class Teaches Women How to Walk in High Heels

Former footwear designer offers a class showing women how to avoid hurting themselves.
3:30 | 08/21/13

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Transcript for Class Teaches Women How to Walk in High Heels
index," a solution to women who have trouble walking -- that's me. Finally, my moment. We're talking about in high heels. Sometimes it's hard. They're very, very high. The bigger, the better. A former footwear designer shows women how to handle those shoes. Rachel smith is here. She's talked to him. I took the class. And it was awesome. What woman hasn't had a little trouble walking around in sky-highs. Victor chu says that 95% of women don't know how to walk properly in high heels. For 50 bucks a class, he'll put that best foot forward in no time. Even those who strut their stuff for a living, have been left flat-footed by their high-heres. And even I have experienced an epic spill thanks to my footwear. But men love women in them. I think about them all the time. Reporter: And ladies covet them. How much are these? 1,700. I would like them in blue, too. Until they hurt. Reporter: They hurt. My feet are getting numb. Let's walk. Reporter: Now, a class in new york city is attempting to ease the woes of pump-wearing women and teach hem to strut with style. Meet victor chu, the brains behind still let to schooling. How did you come up with legwork? E saw there was a painful problem in wearing heels. You put some of the science with the intense situations of women wearing heels. In new york city, yes. Reporter: Studies show wearing this fashion staple poses health problems, like ingrown toenails, osteoarthritis of the knee. Vict victor's method is simple. Heel, toe, engage core, and relax hips and knee. It was time to try the class on for size. It kicks off barefoot. It gives you a feel of the natural walking mechanics. Reporter: Next, the dreaded moment. I'm going to say good-bye to my comfy flats. Followed by a seemingly easy strengthening exercise. And finally, the moment of truth. If only I had known this back then. Walking properly, safely and comfortably, means practicing the strengthening exercises. May I show you? I'll teach you the strengthening exercise for the ankles. We're all seated right now. Carefully. Exactly, right? Then, we're going to put our legs up in the air. Oh, boy. Really? You might want to put your arms on either side of you. Then, you're going to spell out the alphabet with your feet. All caps. "A," "b," "c." And victor recommends doing this a couple of times. It's harder than it looks, right? Totally. The key here is to keep it straight to your ankles so you

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{"id":20021849,"title":"Class Teaches Women How to Walk in High Heels","duration":"3:30","description":"Former footwear designer offers a class showing women how to avoid hurting themselves.","url":"/GMA/video/class-teaches-women-walk-properly-high-heels-avoid-20021849","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}