Clive Davis on discovering 'stunning' Whitney Houston

The legendary producer opens up about shaping Houston's career and the new documentary about his life.
3:13 | 11/01/17

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Transcript for Clive Davis on discovering 'stunning' Whitney Houston
We are back now with a music legend. Super producer Clive Davis. He's got a new documentary called out "Clive Davis: The soundtrack of our lives" which debuted number one on iTunes. Congratulations to that and welcome to Mr. Davis. Thank you very much. How you doing? You've worked with so many music legends, the list goes on and on but you signed Janis Joplin back in 1967 when you saw her at the Monterey pop mefestival. I was there to enjoy my first festival. I had just become head of Columbia records. I didn't know what awaited me and then in the afternoon big brother of the holding company with this riveting, you know, hypnotic Janis Joplin came on stage and if the word epiphany means anything it defines what happened to me. I had never signed an artist before and I knew it was going to be a revolution and I signed Janis and big brother. Then you went on from there to sign another artist we may have heard about, Whitney Houston. Yes. The main thing about it is that you signed Whitney and then two years later you put her on national TV on "The merv griffin show." I put her on merv griffin two weeks later after I signed her before we recorded anything. Here she was just turning 19 and she was stunning beauty, stunning vocalist and I brought her on national television. I introduced her for the next generation if there will be ailina horn, new Dionne Warwick, it would be Whitney. You were called the pan with the golden ear. Where do you think that ear comes from? You know, it turned out to be a natural gift. I never would have known I had it if I was not pressed into the record business, became president with no previous experience, so it was after signing Joplin and santana, blood, sweat, Chicago, Earth wind and fire that learned to trust that I had a natural gift I never knew I would have had. Now you work with modern divas, Alicia key, Jennifer Hudson. Yeah, we can sit here all day. What is it like to work with them as opposed to maybe working with a Whitney or a Janis Joplin. You're talking about great all-time singers. I signed Alicia when she also was 18 years old. Self-contained genius writer, stunning vocalist and, you know, we have had an incredible relationship. With Jennifer, I didn't sign her right away. I could sign any American idol contestant but it was her screen test for "Dreamgirls" where she was brilliant as an actress and to this day she has that voice, you know, up there with the history of Aretha and Whitney. She has that voice, you have that ear and we're lucky you do because you brought us so many lucky artists and it's "Clive Davis: The soundtrack of our

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{"id":50852596,"title":"Clive Davis on discovering 'stunning' Whitney Houston","duration":"3:13","description":"The legendary producer opens up about shaping Houston's career and the new documentary about his life.","url":"/GMA/video/clive-davis-dishes-clive-davis-soundtrack-lives-50852596","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}