The Color Vibe 5K Heads to Central Park

The fun, colorful new trend is taking the running world by storm.
3:26 | 09/04/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for The Color Vibe 5K Heads to Central Park
New York. ? Hammerin' a nail stackin' them bales ? I'm dog tired by the 5 o'clock hour ? ? but I'm ready to raise some hell ? tendency of there being an organized run I have a tendency of running away from it. Thought this one. This was not the case. You probably heard of those obstacle races and mud runs that leave you caked in dirt from head to toe but another kind of race that leaves you looking like a human rainbow. I couldn't resist so I had to check it out for myself. Take a look. Kind of awesome. Full of fun, full of color, the color 5 kilometer run is exercise in disguise. The runners including yours truly, doused with colors throughout. Why? Why not? With over 130 races a year, all over the U.S., Australia, new Zealand and the UK, there is a race for everyone. It's a family fun 5k fun run, on time so getting all kinds of LE here. It's just to get out and do something unique, something vibrant and crazy. Reporter: With all the races teaming up with local charities I thought this would be perfect for my first ever 5k. So I decided to head to the altamont fairgrounds in New York to get vibrant. First, my outfit. Here we go. Then the warm-up. It's Zumba time. ? now I'm ready to go. Three, two, one. Oh, my gosh. We can do this, we can do it. All right, I am totally feeling the color vibe. Are you feeling the color vibe? Yeah, we're halfway through the race. Come on, guys. Let's go. One more time. Yay! Whoo! That is a wrap. Whoo. After a quick rest with my new pal -- Oh, Bella is tired too. I want to do the same thing, Bella. I was ready to keep the party going. Today she is going to be deejay Rachel. Reporter: With the ultimate dance party. ? the perfect summer activity for dogs, babies, families and friends, leaving you a rainbow of color. Take the color vibe challenge. Oh, that was too much fun. As you can see we're all suited up right now. Guy, you can have no fair. This is nontoxic and biodegradable. Should we do it? Oh, yeah. We're getting a little colorful in central park. Celebrate our last summer concert out here in the park.

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{"duration":"3:26","description":"The fun, colorful new trend is taking the running world by storm. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33535056","title":"The Color Vibe 5K Heads to Central Park","url":"/GMA/video/color-vibe-5k-heads-central-park-33535056"}