Computer Hacking Scam: Imposters Act as Microsoft Help Employees

FTC says computer con men masquerading as Microsoft IT guys are actually hacking your computer.
2:58 | 10/24/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Computer Hacking Scam: Imposters Act as Microsoft Help Employees
with "Gma" investigators. A brazen phone scam as hackers pose as Microsoft employees taking control of people's computers. And then hold their data storage -- hostage. The ftc is announcing this morning it shut down the company running this scam. Selling these bogus services. Matt Gutman has the story. Matt, this is insane. Reporter: It is absolutely. And this morning the ftc announcing to us exclusively they are shutting down one of these major scammers worth $2.5 million. They are proliferating faster than global authorities can whack them down. Taking advantage of harmless error messages already on your computer. My name is John. Reporter: If it looks bad for your computer. We are receiving some critical warnings from your computer. Reporter: It could be worse for your wallet. The I.T. Guy isn't help, he's hacking. Connect you to the windows technical team of Microsoft. Reporter: The ftc these conmen masquerade as employees for Microsoft. Cyber security experts warn -- There are going to be more of these. Reporter: Each scammer making hundreds of calls a day. Kristina receiving one of them. The former school principal said earlier this year she got a popup with a dire warning. It said 400-some error messages noted by Microsoft. Call this number right away. We'll assist you. Reporter: When she called, a man answered. He had a customer I.D. Number for me. Reporter: The man asked to connect to the computer. She let him take control remotely and never got it back. He says if you want everything that was there back, you know what you have to do. Reporter: That doesn't sound like an I.T. Guy, sounds like a street thug. That's what it sounds like. Reporter: The guy said to buy a money card and send it to him. She was savvy enough to know what to do next. I hung up. Reporter: Microsoft tells "Gma" investigators it would never call consumers asking for money. My name is John. Reporter: But remember the scammer, John, we caught up with him by phone in calcutta. He says he quit the business. I wonder if you feel badly for having taken part in that? I do feel bad. I do feel bad. Reporter: What do you do to protect yourself from people like John? First of all apple and Microsoft are never going to call to hit you up for money. Cyber security experts tell us update your antivirus software as often as you can. And the hardest one, change where are password, make it exotic and secret. Change it often. Doesn't take long. Thank you so much.

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{"duration":"2:58","description":"FTC says computer con men masquerading as Microsoft IT guys are actually hacking your computer.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"26421641","title":"Computer Hacking Scam: Imposters Act as Microsoft Help Employees","url":"/GMA/video/computer-hacking-scam-imposters-act-microsoft-employees-26421641"}