Cyber Monday shopping tips

Consumers are expected to spend $6.6 billion on Cyber Monday on deals for travel, shoes, clothing beauty and electronics.
1:30 | 11/26/17

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Transcript for Cyber Monday shopping tips
Cyber Monday is tomorrow and expected to be these biggest online shopping day. Of the year forecast to bring in a whopping six point six billion dollars. I were shopping at the scene out don't back you were released here to help you sharpen your deal hunting high they're backing thanks for joining us. My pleasure so tomorrow is the last stating it deals on many products why is that. Wheeling reason to discount his because they're competitors are that all ends and your Cyber Monday. We're not gonna see any deals until they really get serious until after the holidays get back gave her some consumers on Black Friday saying that they were getting discounts up to 80% tops out but where we didn't see some of the steepest discounts. You need all the big players here Amazon Wal-Mart But then also think but Banesha online players use their free site that there that really go for some Cyber Monday so if you have one pro tips to help you master Cyber Monday it will would be. Kamel camel camel and other top it's oh let's edit crazy name. But what it does is it searches the price history of everything on Amazon and that's important because. If a product is touting like you mentioned that 80% price cut. But NEC and camel camel camel and it was priced lower few months ago in May go lower even still and wait before Christmas are certainly afterwards kind of know that price history and you know it's and the great thing about camel camel camp like has ruled right after time as an Iraqi. I like that and look and don't give the camel camel camel to UN Cyber Monday and exactly happy set for Monday backing and that much.

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{"duration":"1:30","description":"Consumers are expected to spend $6.6 billion on Cyber Monday on deals for travel, shoes, clothing beauty and electronics.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"51388863","title":"Cyber Monday shopping tips","url":"/GMA/video/cyber-monday-shopping-tips-51388863"}