Double Elimination on 'Dancing with the Stars'

Diana Nyad and Sean Avery discuss their elimination from the dance competition.
3:00 | 03/25/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Double Elimination on 'Dancing with the Stars'
Double whammy on "Dancing with the stars" last night. Not one but two couples were eliminated and they were taking a selfie moments ago in our social square. We'll talk to them if a minute. Diana nyad, she hasn't stopped. Take a look at last night. ? Reporter: Another exciting night heating up the dance floor. ? a three-way tie for first place. ? big-time "Rush" star James ma masl Maslow's salsa -- You came out of your shell and have the abs to prove it. Reporter: Both Meryl Davis and Charlie white. Meryl with a lively swing dance. And Charlie with a twirly tango. My legs can potentially fly off when I'm dancing. Reporter: Paralympian Amy Purdy left the judges stunned with her sexy swing dance. The most mind boggling thing is how completely synchronized your moves are. We can reveal tonight we'll have a double elimination. Reporter: But in a shocking twist not one but two sets of stars couldn't be saved in a surprise double elimination. Diana and Henry, you're going home. Second couple to be eliminated tonight is Sean and Karina. ? Karina now you smile. Sorry to say good-bye to Bruno's million dollar mermaid, Diana and Henry, you just got to know him and Sean Avery, thanks soap for being here. Karina, you know how much we adore you so flying in all overnight. Did you all know it was going to be a double elimination night? They Cale out of the box with that. Didn't they? There was a full-on surprise. I have to tell you guys, may I stand up and -- Yes. Absolutely. The very first day we all got together, when Meryl Davis came over to the buffet table and here was the fruit and she kind of did a whatever this is called an arabesque and a plie and her shoe went up to the chandelier, Henry and I went, we're in big trouble. That was the first clue, yes then we had others. We had others. I want to ask you this, last night when you were eliminated you were the first to go, early on. We could hear you say I want to dance again. Was that scheduled or did they just let you? No, the thing is that, you know, you're supposed to as they do throughout the whole show is everybody dances and then they tell you who is up but they eliminated us first and said you're going to have to drag us out because we learned that cha-cha all week and we're doing that cha-cha. You're an amazing athlete. I tried swimming two laps with you -- you were with me, baby. I don't know how -- you swam from Cuba to the keys, so was this easy for you? You know, if the dance had gone on for 53 hours nonstop I think I would have beat everybody. That would have been your -- Too short. Sean, last night you actually tweeted I will tell everyone on "Gma" tomorrow why I was voted off. My partner Karina smirnoff is amazing, first of all, we all agree. So I -- the floor is yours. No, I mean I think we knew as of probably Monday of last week that our fate was sealed. I had a conversation with Conrad I think one of the producers and I was upset at the package that they had run the week previous and it was a very tacky attempt to show me as the bad boy of "Dancing with the stars" and I think that in reality TV or some sort of competition if you have a disagreement with the producers then generally that seals your fate quite early so I think we had a pretty good idea. We worked our butts off. We had a fantastic time. I have a friend for life. I did the show for an amazing charity called friends, indeed, which is based in New York, so I mean it was a win/win for me. We know a lot of athletes on the show who talked about the rigger, the regimen and that it is rigorous, perhaps more rigorous than they thought it should, as an athlete yourself, an elite athlete, what was that like? It was probably two weeks of the hardest training that I've ever done. Really. Creme kicked your butt. Yeah. Like giving me too much to do.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Diana Nyad and Sean Avery discuss their elimination from the dance competition.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23048305","title":"Double Elimination on 'Dancing with the Stars'","url":"/GMA/video/dancing-stars-diana-nyad-sean-avery-eliminated-dance-23048305"}