'Dancing With the Stars' Season 19: Meet the New Pros

Check out the newcomers to join the cast of "DWTS" Season 19.
3:00 | 08/13/14

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Transcript for 'Dancing With the Stars' Season 19: Meet the New Pros
We are so happy to be revealing the pros for the new season of "Dancing with the stars" live this morning. Before you came in this morning, you learned that dance just like that I heard you in the hall like one, two, three, four, just like that. That's what we do. Ready, we're going to go like this and we're going to go like this. Got the Carlton going there. Well, thank you for being here live with us and we have the other eight professionals that will be on "Dancing with the stars" will be revealed in just moments. Tory Johnson back, "Deals & steals," this time if you're going to college to help your -- always tough when they go off to college, they say, help them DEM rate their dorm. And then we have influential speaker and best-selling author talking about the one decision you should be making every day, Andy Andrews and how you can create the future of your choosing. Really important information. Great information. They're having a great time. Those dancing pros. Hush down over there. Naughty, naughty. I want you all to hear about a big competition we have coming up next week. You know the cronut. You remember the cronut. The donate/croissant. What is the next big food creation. "Gma's" mix and mash-up competition launches Monday. It's a food hybrid throwdown with our friends at buzzfeed and want your suggestions. Tweet us your ideas with the #gma mashup and we will talk about that coming up. Bound to be delicious. Amy. All right, Lara. Thank you. Now to the second part of our big "Dancing with the stars" event. We have Cheryl, Tony, Karina and Val all back and they're here to reveal the rest of the competition so let's get started, guys. Cheryl, we'll begin with you. He comes from a family of international dance stars. It's no wonder he has two mirrorball trophies. He's an accomplished musician and when he's not dancing he's rocking out. Who is it? All right. Call my Vanna white. It is mark Ballas. All right. Next up, last season he made a sensation dancing with pop star Cody Simpson. Together they were the youngest couple in "Dancing with the stars" history and her name is -- For $10,000, it is witney Carson. All right. Tony, Tony, you're up next. Within three months of starting ballroom training this dancer was winning awards and danced on Broadway, has a Muir heball trophy under her belt, name that dancer, Tony. The beautiful PETA murgatroyd. All right. Tony, this dancer has already tread the boards of Broadway and choreographed for usher and danced in the George Michael music video and appeared in "Mamma Mia." Tell them what she's got, bob. Emma slater. All right. Karina, you are up next with some pitty comments. Waiting for them. We have three new dancers. The first one danced with the troupe last season. The award-winning dancer is the proud owner of a harley-davidson and two -- Yes. Who is it? It is the very sexy and handsome artem chigvintsev. Whoo! Yes. All right, another newcomer to the show by the time he was 7 he knew he was destined to be a dancer, he is the undefeated self-acclaimed Latin champion for every category in the last eight years. Who are we talking about? Very excited. Keoikantse. Motsepe. I like how you say that, Karina. This dancer is new to the pro dancer but has been a guest dancer on "Dancing with the stars" before and danced in "High school musical" and the movie "Footloose." Val, who are we talking about. Uh-oh. It is the one and only Allison holker. Ow a little surprise for all of you, this Emmy award dancer -- winning dancer coming back to the show for his 14th season, five mirrorball trophies under his belt and he might have just been on our show talking about his new book, who are we talking about? I don't know. Maybe it's Derek hough. Whoo! And the crowd goes wild. Val, it looks like Maks may be sitting this season out. How is it going to feel without him. It's going to feel perfectly Normal. I'm going to love it. We're moving and we're walking here and I want to say, Val, we dug a little something out of our "Dancing with the stars" vault and look at never before seen footage of your first audition. No. No. A whole different dimension, youth, energy, the obvious good looks and a full head of hair. And you still have a full head of hair. Oh, my god. Geez. Man. Throwback Wednesday, I love it. Oh, my god. Facial hair is the best thing that ever happened to me in my entire life. Thank you. Thank you. Tony, we've got a bunch of newbies. What can they expect? What should they do. Don't stress out. Enjoy the ride. As long as you please the fans it doesn't matter. You have gotten that down perfectly. We're all so excited and reveal the stars right here on September 4th and "Dancing with the stars" premieres live September 15th at 8:00, 7:00 central right here on ABC and we want to know which celebrity do you want to see on "Dancing with the stars"? How about you? Well, you know what, I think the season has already been determined but thank you for that. Tweet us your pick @gma #

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Check out the newcomers to join the cast of \"DWTS\" Season 19.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24958997","title":"'Dancing With the Stars' Season 19: Meet the New Pros","url":"/GMA/video/dancing-stars-season-19-meet-pros-24958997"}