2 dead, 18 wounded in high school shooting

The suspect, a 15-year-old male student, was taken into custody after the shooting at Marshall County High School in Benton, Kentucky, officials said.
2:37 | 01/24/18

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Transcript for 2 dead, 18 wounded in high school shooting
First we want the latest on that deadly shooting at a Kentucky high school. Two students killed. 18 injured. At least three are in critical condition. A 15-year-old student is in custody this morning and Steve osunsami is on the scene for us there in Benton, Kentucky, where a community are all searching for answers this morning. Good morning. Reporter: Good morning to you, robin. Police aren't saying much at this point about this accused shooter but tell us the discussion is on about whether he will be charged as a juvenile or an adult. At vigils overnight, students cried and prayed for the friends who are hurt and the two they lost. There will be no school here today. This is a scream scecrime scene. If you could respond to Marshall county high school. Marshall county high school. Active shooter. Four people down. One unresponsive. Reporter: There were Moore than 100 teenagers waiting in a common area eating breakfast and chatting with friends when police say a 15-year-old student with a handgun started shooting. Kids starting running, some with gunshot wounds. I took out my headphones and everyone was broken up. I saw the flashes from the gunshots and by that time I was just -- I was just running. Reporter: 15-year-old Bailey holt died at the scene. The first responder who found her thought she was his daughter. One of our first troopers to arrive on the scene saw the young lady that died there on the scene and thought it was his daughter because she had been dropped off at the school this morning as well, same clothing description, same description and he had to go over to convince himself that was not his daughter. Reporter: The most seriously hurt were air life liftlifted to a hospital. Preston cope was pronounced dead. They had a tube in helping them breathe. They were awake but sedated and so when this happens to you, everything shuts down and it's going to take a long time to heal both physically and mentally from these kind of issues for these kids. Reporter: Police arrested a 15-year-old now charged with murder and attempted murder. Investigators have visited his home and talked with his family but aren't sharing what they think led up to the shooting. The entrances to the school here are blocked off this morning. Investigators tell us they expect to be here all day. There were many, many witnesses inside the school. This is a small town. Just about everyone here knows who this student is and his story.

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{"duration":"2:37","description":"The suspect, a 15-year-old male student, was taken into custody after the shooting at Marshall County High School in Benton, Kentucky, officials said.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"52573897","title":"2 dead, 18 wounded in high school shooting","url":"/GMA/video/dead-18-wounded-high-school-shooting-52573897"}