Cool Deals on Summer's Hottest Items

Tory Johnson shares exclusive deals to help you beat the heat this summer.
3:05 | 07/16/14

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Transcript for Cool Deals on Summer's Hottest Items
The heat may be on but this morning's "Deals & steals" with this gal, it's all about staying cool. Tory Johnson here with Dees to keep you looking and feeling fresh and at a fraction of the cost. Let's begin. Okay. So I love this. This is the flavor now beverage system. That was good. Very good. What I love about this, you can make so many things in it, iced tea, sangria. In the center you can chill without diluting which is great. Is that because you have this -- Has a little chill infuser, a muddler so you can muddle your fruits. This really is like a cocktail -- This is the rolls-royce. Normally $30 slashed in half, 15 bucks. Can't beat that. Fantastic. A muddler, it's a -- Right into the side of your refrigerator door and got you covered. Great house gift. I love these. These are gant sunglasses. Only six showing you, 25 different styles to choose from. These would look good on you. Oh, no. Why? You can rock anything. Big celebrity favorite and a huge, huge discount on these -- Those look gorgeous. Normally starting at $125 slashed by 81%. $25 and free shipping. Can't beat that. Okay, I love these. These are personalized flip-flops. We have some for Amy here and yours here and have robin covered. You can put initial, name, photo, big variety of styles to choose from from extra small so size 5 to extra large, size 12, really, really fun. Normally $28. These are slashed in half, 14 bucks for some personalized flip-flops. Nicely done. This I love from mission. This is really genius. This is something that the top athletes around the world swear by. It is a cooling towel so when you're in those hot flea market, yards, when you're at a sporting event, a camp, super hot camp day, once you get this wet it cools to 30 degrees below your body temperature. Stays cool for hours so when you wrap it around your neck you will not sweat. You will not have -- On the tennis court. Photos of Serena Williams wearing these exact ones from mission. Amazing deal, as well. Two different sizes to choose from. Normally 20 to $40, these are slashed in half so really just starting at 10 bucks. Great, great for kids at camp, as well. At sporting events. Finally. Last but not least. Tah-dah. From bandiwear. Not your granny's Fannie pack. This is super sleek spandex. It's got a hidden compartment right here you can put a phone, key, money, all sorts of things, comes in 50 different prints, stretchy fabric, really sleek and gorgeous so whether it's travel, sporting event, concerts whatever you're going to and don't want to carry the bulky stuff. This for you, $28 slashed in half 14 bucks plus free shipping. Ame, I guess it's official, the Fannie pack is back. But not your granny's Fannie pack. Thanks to the companies for the great deals. Coming up "Facts of life" reunion. Don't go anywhere. Go on our website to order.

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{"duration":"3:05","description":"Tory Johnson shares exclusive deals to help you beat the heat this summer.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24580145","title":"Cool Deals on Summer's Hottest Items","url":"/GMA/video/deals-steals-cool-deals-summers-hottest-items-24580145"}