Democrats win races 1 year after Trump's election

ABC News chief political analyst Matthew Dowd and "The View" co-host Meghan McCain discuss Democrats' wins in New Jersey and Virginia as a referendum on President Trump and a bellwether for 2018.
3:09 | 11/08/17

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Transcript for Democrats win races 1 year after Trump's election
We want to speak to Matthew dowd and Meghan McCain from "The view" and let's talk about the message. On the one hand the president is the fifth in a row to have this happen, lose Virginia and new Jersey the year after but the voters so clear here. 2-1 in Virginia, 3-1 in new Jersey. They wanted to send a message to trump. Yeah, they sent a message to trump big time in the course of this and talk about when he comes back to Washington it may be his forbidden sit when he coming back in the aftermath. I think it sends a lot of signals but the big takeaway I had from it the level of diversity and inclusion that happened on election night. Not only a fist transgender person elected into office in Virginia, the first sikh elected in a major city, the first gay mayor of Seattle. The first African-American woman elected mayor of Charlotte. The first woman mayor of Manchester. I mean it was a night ofotal diversity and I think that not only rejection of trump it was basically a rejection of what he stood for. The divisions we've seen over the last year. One of the things we saw especially Meghan in Virginia embracing president trump's policies when you're Republican but not president trump, doesn't work. Always strange bedfellows when you're someone like Gillespie and the definition of a swamp creature trying to become trump and the weekly standard headline is trump is what trump fails. Imitations of him when you have his reputation isn't going to work. We saw the tweet from president trump. He said, you know, Gillespie wasn't behind me, didn't hug me hard enough basically. The problem with that, that may work in a congressional district that's solidly solidly Republican, not going to work in big states and swing states. No, I think Republicans have to ask themselves where it is. It's not only that trumpism without trump doesn't work. Trumpism without Hillary Clinton doesn't work in elections. Donald Trump is successful just like Magic Johnson and Larry bird were better because of their opponents. He's better because of his opponent Hillary Clinton. Where Hillary Clinton is no longer on the ballot it becomes difficult for Republicans to win these races. Voter turnout being 11% higher than election in 2016 is also very significant and the legislative losses is also something that is more unprecedented than the governorship turing. What does this mean for the Republican agenda going forward as they head into a midterm election year? What does it mean for big things like tax cuts. It makes it harder to get anything done in the course of this. If you're a Republican it comes back to Washington in the aftermath of what happened you sit down and say do I want to embrace all these parts of what Donald Trump is pushing including an unpopular tax bill when you look at the bills, pushed by an unpopular president and makes it much harder. They wonder can they afford to fail. Midterms are coming and there is no peace. The party could not be more fractured when you see president trump coming out and attacking Gillespie saying he didn't support me enough. He wasn't enough like me and conservative media is really taking that side that you don't support the president enough then basically it's a dangerous message going forward. If it's anything we're reading in the tea leaves it's a bloodbath. Donald Trump is powerful in the Republican primary but anchor in the general election. Matt dowd, Meghan McCain. That's solid. Overo robin. Come to expect that from

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{"duration":"3:09","description":"ABC News chief political analyst Matthew Dowd and \"The View\" co-host Meghan McCain discuss Democrats' wins in New Jersey and Virginia as a referendum on President Trump and a bellwether for 2018.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"51009508","title":"Democrats win races 1 year after Trump's election","url":"/GMA/video/democrats-win-races-year-trumps-election-51009508"}